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How much??

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How much does a 8 wk old kitten pee?
Im hoping someone knows the answer to this..As I never even helped stimulate a kitten so I have no idea..

Is it a cupfull, or just a tablespoon??
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A lot would depend on how much they eat, but it shouldn't be more than a little bit, a teaspoon or two, would be my guess.

However, an 8 week old kitten should be using the litterbox and not have to be stimulated, which usually is stopped once they are weaning. Are they eating solid food?
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Well he was using my floor, if you might recall
Yes, he is eating solids, ...My issue was not knowing if he was peeing, because I was using yesterdays news. So I switched it, and have him blocked off again in a TILE floor area..Incase he doesnt want to use the litterbox..
And I watched him go, but it was only a teaspoon, MAYBE a tablespoon..
Just wanted to make sure that was normal..So used to human stuff, being that I work in the health field..
Thought maybe he was having a drizzling problem..Guess not hopefully
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I think I might go purchase one of the cheaper litters tomorrow. I always used those for the last 10 yrs, before all these new ones came out. And never had a problem. And see what happens...If he still doesnt like to go there, then atleast I wont feel it moneywise..

And I know not to get the clumping stuff. Just wondering if he is gonna be a picky boy for me , and not like all these new "nicer" ones that are out now
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That is true. Everyone is different so am sure cats are also
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Ah, sorry, now I remember

I don't know if you're getting scented or not. If so, try an unscented clay. Sometimes their noses are sensitive to the perfumes. At least you'll be able to see if he's going.

I don't rememberr if you got him checked out by a vet or not, but if he seems to just not be ab le to make it to the litterbox, that might be a problem (one that can be fixed). Perhaps a bit of a urinary infection.

The amount he's going seems fine to me. They have very small digestive systems compared to us.

Do you leave food out for him all the time? If you're trying to have some control over when he goes so you can direct him to the litterbox, you might try feeding him instead several times a day just what he will eat and then remove it, then take him to the litterbox until he goes. He'll have to go less during other times if he's not eating constantly.

Also, how much traffic is there in yoiur house, and how much noise? Some cats really like privacy, like people do, and perhaps putting the litterbox(es) in places where there is some privacy (even if it means putting something in front of it for a while) might help. Maybe even taking a big carboard box, cutting a doorway on one side, and putting it upside down over the litter to make a little "house" if you don't have a place that would be out of the way. If that solution works, they sell these litterboxes that have covers over them already.

I once heard a situation where suddenly a cat stopped using the litterbox after it was scared by a noise from outside while it was going. It was suggested the owner keep the cat confined with the litterbox, but with supervision, so when the cat went they could talk to it gently and "untraumatize" it.

Just some ideas. Keep us up to date on what's happening.
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Well they never were "scented" because I find those to smell gross.
I used the yesterdays stuff. and the swheat stuff..
He will use it if I force him, But the minute I turn my back, its anywhere but where it should be..
I think I am gonna try to do what I said, And just go get some cheap basic stuff..It always worked before.
The yesterdays news, I think might have been uncomfy to him. Because he would walk on the sides of the box, So we will see...

Also, yes his food is out 24/7, I might try that mealtime trick...
And he is with mommy, so he is always on her too..

As far as the vet, yes he was looked at, but he is going soon for his shots, etc...
I am getting them both done at the same time, since momma came as a stray too...

Thanks for the help..We'll see if tomorrow is a better day....
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Does Mom use the litterbox okay? Usually if the queen does, she teaches the babies to also. I think the baby needs a little tutoring. lol

If he and the mom were raised on clay litter, changing it to yesterdays news or a different type could very well be the reason. He's getting confused.

One thing that's important is consistency for a while. Don't change the litter or the places or the strategy for at least a week or two. They should learn right away, but sometimes they just don't, and you might need to get him used to the new situation. So whatever you try this time, stick with it for at least 10 days and see if he begins to learn.

And if he seems to do better with the clay litter, go back to it.
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Momma has been fine with the litterbox using..She was a stray that I got in feb I believe..Ever since the first night "she stayed over" she used the box. The first day I thought she was pregnant , I went out and got the yesterdays news and box..And she's been fine..

Now baby only really started eating solids about a week ago. And only started eliminating on my carpet about a week ago...
ATLEAST THAT IM AWARE OF..Still would be curious to show what the blacklight shows, being that I have used a whole jug of natures miracle already..I refuse to let it get bad...

So yes he does follow mommy, and mommy should have showed him...
I dont know if he's not paying attention or what. They are always hip n hip..
Thats why Im gonna try to change it to something clay and lighter, I think those hard pellets is half the reason he wont go in there..
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