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The cat box is finished..... pics

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So here is the finished box.....
I am a doctoral student working on a paper so I didn't get a chance to check back until today.... paper is due on wednesday.... ughhhhhhhhh

so ok .....

it costs about $125 bucks to make ..... its 1x6 pine boards............1x3 for the bracing..... and the cheapest floor tiles i could find.... If I had to do it again I would make it 6 inches shorter in length and 6 inches shorter in height.... It is strong enough to use as a bench and there is room inside the "lobby" area for the garbage bags.... extra cat litter and scoop......

two suggestions when you build it if you decide to do that.....
dont use tiles with a pattern on them.... get something solid so you dont have to worr yabout lining up the pattern..... ( I am a bit anal about that kind of stuff and this doesnt line up so its making me crazy)...... and use wood glue on everything .....

I have five dogs..... 3 flat coated retrievers and 2 goldens so keepign dogs out of the litterbox was a major issue for us... we had figured out something but the box was a pain to keep clean where it was.... I am looking forward to this because of the ease of cleaning more than anything.....

Maureen my older girl is using the box ..... and seems fine about it... I think she likes that the dogs cant get into it..... I am sure Janet will be fine with it.....

I am likely going to make another one to put in another part of the house.... I love being able to use the scoopable litter which I didnt use before because I didnt want it clumping up in dog intestines.....

so there it is ...... now we just have to wait for kitten Janet to come home on friday.....

I figure all I need to do is add a buffet line and a spa and I can just start charging them by the night......
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I love it but lost how the dogs will stay out of it.
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i have five large dogs.... if you notice there is an inside panel.... and a small side door..... keep in mind that my dogs are not chihuahas or other small breed that can get inside the side door....

however, first there is the side door that you can see easilly, then on the far side of the box there is a second small opening about 10 inches that the cat must turn the corner to go into the box area... so even IF my 60 lb. retrievers could get into the first small side door... they do not have enough room in the lobby area to turn the corner and get into the actual cat box, so when looking at the above picture of the box being open.... the cat box is on the larger left hand side... the lobby area is on the right of the panel so for my larger dogs there is no way for them to get into the cat box area........ thus.... dog proof......

oh and it makes a perfect hide and attack spot for the cats.....
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I want to make one LOL I need blueprint....
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Shalva - you could make these and sell them on ebay!
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ooo..ooo!!!! I want one!!! Not only doesn it keep the dogs out...but it looks pretty, too! I'd have never guessed it was a litter box. I agree...go on Ebay with that!
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My fiance says to patent that!! (After he slapped his forhead..lol)
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That is totally awesome!!
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I say to patent it and sell it on Ebay or something. I would totally buy one
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That's awesome!!!
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That turned out really awesome... good job!
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It turned out really well!
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That's awesome! I'm so glad I don't have litter trays for my boys anymore because the pooch was always getting her wet nose in there!
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