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News from my pregnant life!

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Well, as you know I was supposed to have a c-section this upcoming Friday May 5th. Well, Ontario is having issues with the anaestesilogists(SP?) - they are on a work to rule and have cancelled all "elective surgery" for that day. So I was told that they would squeeze me in on the 4th, but I would be on a waiting list for a time that day. Today I get get told that we have been bumped up again - now I am having this baby tomorrow!

I'm not ready. I had plans for this week, dusting, set up, few last things to buy. Now I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get the most important things down (laundry, etc). Kevin is not going to know what has hit him, we have been working on telling him that the baby in mommy's belly is coming soon (he can now say baby). But he has no clue that mommy will be disappearing for a few days.

Well, I can't stay online long - obviously I have oodles to do. I will get someone to post and tell you guys how everything went.

Hopefully I will personally be back on line in a few weeks (and maybe for a few minutes tonight).

Wish me luck!
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OMG Ady that is soo soon!! You will be fine and the baby will be perfect and healthy! I will be thinking about you LOTS until we hear from you again!! Good luck tomorrow!! Kevin will be a great big brother!!
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Good luck!!!!!
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Oh my Ady! Talk about springing it on you. I can't even believe how I would feel with that kind of news. Well, good luck sweetie - this time tomorrow you will be a Mommy for the second time. I wish you and baby all the best. Just think, at least they cut out nights of working up to the big day

We'll all be there with you - can't wait to hear that you're both resting snuggly tomorrow. Remember to leave instructions for how to post the news on TCS
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Good luck Ady I'm sure everything will go smoothly.
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I'm sending lots of your way, Ady! Wow, it seems like just yesterday that you were posting about having trouble getting pregnant, and, within a few hours, your second child will be born. You'll definitely be in my thoughts all day tomorrow.
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Good luck!!! Got to love those May babies!!!
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Congratulations ady!
i will be thinking of you tomorrow and

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Ady, don't stress over the little things you didn't get done. Years from now, you'll be bouncing your grandchild on your knee, telling him/her of the day before their daddy was born!! It'll all work out fine..........Good luck!
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Good Luck! As Susie said, don't worry about the little things.
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Good Luck tomorrow Ady!
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You've been in my thoughts and prayers all week Ady, good luck tomorrow!
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Good luck Ady! I'll thinking of you!
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GOOD LUCK Ady!!! I hope all goes well during the c-section and afterwards . Congrats to your growing family!
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Good luck! And congratulations!!!!!
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I'll be thinking of you and the baby tomorrow, Ady. Good luck and congrats!
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Originally Posted by eilcon
I'll be thinking of you and the baby tomorrow, Ady. Good luck and congrats!
Don't you know that babies never follow a 'set' schedule...fate makes sure of that. I'll be waiting for an update Ady.
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Congratulations Ady! I will be sending vibes to you and the family that you get everything done before you have to leave tomorrow! (LOL!) Good luck and relax!
Time for hubby to take over for a little while!!!! enjoy it while you can!!!
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Oh, how exciting! That certainly wasn't very nice of them, but as you know, sometimes even c-section babies decide to come early, so he might have decided to come early all on his own!

I know you have been very uncomfortable, so at least this is a few less days of your discomfort. Hugs to you, Kevin, and your hubby as you bring a new life into the world!
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Ackk!!! Wow what exciting and tumultuous news!!! We will keep you in our thoughts! I am sending *great delivery* vibes for you and baby, **get finished** vibes for all of the mundane tasks that need finishing quickly!!
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Thanks for all of the vibes........ on our way shortly to the hospital. Will get hubby to post soon!
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Good luck today! Healthy baby vibes and good c-section vibes to you!! I will be praying for you and the little one until we get the news that everything went smoothly!! Tell hubby to post as soon as possible so we don't worry!!
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GOOD LUCK my friend!!!
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Good luck today Ady - sending good vibes your way!
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Good luck Ady! Happy birthday little one!
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Good Luck Ady!!! Congradulations to you and your family on your new baby!!
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Many "good luck" and "welcome little one" vibes.
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