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Samwise's flower pot

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Our male Turkish Van, Samwise, is at the same time charming, huge, handsome, over-active, endlessly humorous and, to my occasional dismay, rather clumsy. For months I collected the remnants of glassware of various sorts which otherwise would have been consigned to the dump by Samwise. My artistic and talented neighbor, appropriately named "Kat," had asked me to save the pieces for her, which I delivered to her with tears in my eyes.

A couple of weeks later Kat delivered this, a lovely flower pot with a mosaic comprising the remains of Samwise's glassware prey. While this photo is not of a cat per se, I do hope it is appropriate for this forum, since it definitely has a cat connotation.

If you look closely at my rather poor photo you will see on the left the handles from a couple of my favorite pitchers, and on the right their spouts.

"Sam's Pot" now sits in pride of place, and is a sure conversation piece when we have visitors. And yes, I am again saving new bits of glassware and pottery for Kat.

All the best to you all,

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Your friend is very talented an creative. How thoughtful of Samwise to provide her so much material to work with.
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I'll move this to the lounge
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