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It's a special day

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It's kind of special day for me and my sweet Claire. It was six months ago today that I learned Claire's owner had died unexpectedly and, with the support of everybody here, decided to adopt her. She now lets me approach all the time, loves to snuggle with her meowmy, play with her brother, tease her older sisters and hog the pillows at night. It's been a joy to watch her grow from a timid kitty, who'd been bounced around too much, to a confident cat who seems to sense that she's in a place where she'll always be safe and loved. Just had to share that, since you've all been a big part of Claire's journey home.
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Welcome home Claire! you couldn't have found a better Meowmy! I'm so glad everything worked out so wonderfully for you all Eileen!
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Eileen - what a heartwarming thread. Thanks for letting us share in your joy.

Extra hugs and loving for Claire from our house.
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Thanks for sharing. It's so wonderful to watch a scared cat grow & change. Good for you & Good for Claire.
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Has it really been six months? I'm so glad that Claire has found her "furever" home, and that the other kitties have accepted her so well. That's definitiely a reason to celebrate!
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Thanks, everybody!

I forgot to mention something very sweet that happened over the weekend. My niece, who's 5, spent the night and we had a slumber party in the living room. I woke up in the middle of the night and saw Claire curled up on Kaleigh's sleeping bag. She was still there when we woke up and Kaleigh was so excited that Claire likes her! I was so proud of my sweet girl!
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That's so sweet!!
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Wow, it's been six months already?!?! It is so wonderful to read about Claire's journey and to know just how happy she is in her home! Congrats Claire and Eileen!
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Claire, I am so happy you have found your forever home
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Awww I remember all the worries you had for Claire when she first came to you, then went to live with her companion who sadly died and you took her back again. I'm so glad that now she has found that love and stability that you always wished for her. She really is blossoming with you
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That is such a heartwarming story It made my day!! I am so happy for you and Claire.
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Eileen I'm so happy for all of you. I think it's absolutely amazing that a person can gain the trust of a timid kitty. Happy 6 month anniversary in your forever loving home Claire sweetheart
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Claire you have such a great meowmy!
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Claire, congratulations on your six-month anniversary with your wonderful meowmy. What a smart girl you are to adopt such a loving human!
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Welcome home Claire!
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