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Pee Everywhere!!!

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Ohmigosh I am so sick of it!!!

My one cat is such a mess. We have always used covered litter boxes and they work well for us and we have never really had a problem with our cats and the litter box. However, for the past year or so our one cat, whenever he pees it hits the top of the litterbox, where the box ends and the lid starts and it comes out the back of the litter box then and all over the floor and wall.

Does all that make sense? Has anyone had this problem?

He's a three year old cat so I am assuming I won't be able to train him to pee better at this point but any suggestions for keeping the pee in the litter box where it belongs? Right now I use toilet paper and papertowels to line the back of the outside box to absorb some of it but its still really GROSS!
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You might try getting one of the very deep storage containers where he can't shoot over the top. My mates mother has one that always pees toward the front where it sometimes runs down the outside and that is what I did to resolve the problem.
The container is just a little longer than the litter pan so the lid does not lock down, but does set on top pretty stable so it can still be used as a covered box.
Good Luck! :-)
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I just bought a Booda dome clean step Litter box. Duke my big kitty used to always miss the box. With the Booda he has to go all the way in and his hind end is never sticking out the door when he pees it's great the mess has been fixed so far and I don't see it being a problem. I know this may not work for everyone but it's worth a try. Good luck
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I'd just look for a different design box - if so much is coming out of the box it doesn't sound like it's that good. I use a covered litter box and one of my cats sometimes pees standing up so that he hits the back of it and it runs down to the point where the lid meets the base. Only the odd drop come out of the box though onto the newspaper below so it's no problem.
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Thanks for ideas guys!

I think I will definitly look at some different little box options...guess I'm going shopping!

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Put some plastic under the box so you dont get pee on the carpet/wood floors/tile. It will make it easier to clean up.
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I am DEFINITLY going to do that.

That's why I go to these forums...you guys are such a big help. Some of the simplest things like putting plastic or paper under the box was so easy but I didn't think of that!

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