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Worried about my cat's eye

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I'll do a quick backstory of my situation. I have 5 cats all fixed. 4 boys and a girl. The youngest of them are brother and sister and are 2 1/2 years old.

Jack is an orange tabby 2 1/2 years old. He came up to me yesterday to be petted and there was just a little something in his eye or what I seen later a little tiny dull spot. He wasn't squinting or favoring it or acting like it hurt him at all. So I just let him be.

Today I woke up and he was right there beside me as always and he looked at me like nothing at all was wrong, but that eye was not dilated as the other one was. Just a slit. The other was normally dilated, so it was very obvious.

So I was not going to go to work today and take him straight to the vet. But about 15 minutes or so later after getting dressed and calling the vet to see what time they opened I looked and him and it was normal. Same dilation as the other eye. Still not favoring it. No extra tearing. Perfectly fine. But I still see the tiny dull mark.

He is deathly afraid of going out whatsoever, otherwise I still would have brought him.

Any thoughts on what it could be? I don't care about vet costs, I just care about him getting insanely upset about going to and from there if there is no reason to do so if it is a common thing that clears up on its own.

Thank you!
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I would still suggest a vet visit. It sounds like a scratch or ulcer on his cornea. He might have gotten scratched playing with the other kitties. He needs a vet though, and probably some eye drops.

Good luck please let us know what the vet says
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I would go to the vet anyway, just to make sure everything is okay.
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