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Sunday's DT

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I'm starting this early because I won't be around today. I'm participating in a fund raiser for the MSPCA. It's a 2 mile walk you walk with your dog and you collect donations for it and the proceeds go to the shelter. I only rasied 82 dollars but every little bit helps!! My friend who is going rasied almost a 1,000!!!!

I can't wait!!! It's a beautiful day out too so it will be nice to be outside.

Have a nice day all!!
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*yawn* Why is it my kids can't seem to shut off that internal alarm clock on weekends? They had me up at 7 this morning..

Not too much going on here today- I think I'll go visit my mom . I was going to take the kiddos to the park, but it looks like rain - again I'm also hoping to hit the gym at some point today- I've been a little lazy about going this week

My biggest plan of the day though is definitely watching the season finale of Survivor with my best friend!! I can't wait! I bought some snacks yesterday so I'd be totally prepared. Its going to be a long summer with no Survivor to watch Not sure how I'll make it until the next one starts

Have a great Sunday everyone :rainbow:
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Melissa, They lose that weekend alarm clock and the weekday alarm clock when they become teenagers, just like us! I have two things to look forward to, the finale of Survivor and the finale of the X-Files. Of course they're both on at the same time, so I have to record one.
We broke an all time low for temperature last night; it was 32 degrees. Western PA will be cold for days! I feel sorry for those who put their plants out!
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Sundays are my favorite day of the week, the only day that's just for me. I slept in, made scrambled eggs for breakfast and finished watching "Stephen King's Rose Red". I know the critics panned it, but I liked it (enough to watch it twice!). Now, I'm spending some prime computer time with Ivo, who has found a sunbeam and is giving herself her Sunday bath. All I have to do today is return the video and go to the library. I may just have to have a nap later.

I hope everyone else has a restful Sunday!
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Slept in til 8:00. Woke up with Rowdy nestled against me. What a cute little face to wake up to. Bill is cooking breakfast and we'll spend the day loafing. Have a good one, all!
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Good day all. It is freezing here today - I am bundled up and will be more so tonight when I go to the drive-in - I am bringing blankets. Doing some laundrey and leaving shortly to go to the inlaws and then my grandmother's. I am getting excited as a week tomorrw my sister is having a c-section. It will be my first time as aunt from scratch (hubby had a niece and nephew when I married him). I have tomorrow off - it is Victoria Day. The whole country has the day off to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday.
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I hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday. When I went to feed macbeth this morning, I took some milk and dribbled it over Mckenzie's tummy. Little one followed the scent, found mom's nipple and set down to suckle! She is not as fat as her brother macarthur, but she is now as long as him, and she is getting stronger daily. I am still holding my hopes that she survives these early days but kitties are very fragile and she, more than most. She is now starting to develop white hairs on her chest, so she will really be a very striking kitty.

Hubby is going to fix the Jacuzzi motor, it got toasted in the last storm. I think I am going to be able to enjoy some hot soaks in the next day or two. At least I hope so.
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There is nothing like moist heat when you hurt all over. In fact, I am tempted to take a bath with the portable spa machine. Have you ever used one and added bubbles? Guess what happens when you put in the amount you use in a regular bath? You've all seen it on t.v. I had to fight my way out. I was inundated with bubbles and they were running over the side of the tub. I can only imagine how stupid I looked, fighting bubbles! Enjoy the jacuzzi, Hissy, and ease those pains. Thanks for keeping us updated on MacBeth's condition. I so hope that little one makes it. She will be hard to give up, if you do, that is!
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I won't give up on her. It has been determined she has a cleft palate as well as her other disabilities. She is a keeper this little one who is fighting so hard to stay here and we are keeping the entire family here with us for as long as God allows us to have them. I am just taking it day by day with her.
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I just got back from the dog walk!! How fun, there were so many dogs there!! I entered Scooby in a tail wagging contest because he has a coffee table clearer and when we got into the ring he wouldn't wag his tail!! He must have gotten cold feet.. er paws.

It was a ton of fun and such a nice day to have it. They went over their goal of 30,000 dollars which was great. I'm glad I was a part of it.
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I'm surprised she can get enough suction to nurse. Doesn't the milk come out of her nose? What can the vet do, and how expensive will it be? I don't mean to be nosy; I think we are all rooting for her!
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