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About the Devon Rex

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Not sure if this is the right place to post but I was wondering if anyone here has a Devon Rex. I am interested in getting one as I still have my allergies. I was looking at cats at a shelter the other day and I started to have trouble with my eyes and I became a little congested. I have been told these cats are very good for allergies. Are they good with other pets such as a chinchilla and a guinea pig. I think they are very sweet looking cats and I would like to have a cat very much. Any info would be much appreciated.

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The post may bo better in the health or breeders section, but I am afraid to move it and you wont know where to find it. I have some experience with any of the rex's. They are all supposed to be easy on the allergies. You can choose from the Devon Rex, Cornish Rex or Silkerk (sp?). Of course theres always the spynx. I would go buy the 2001 Cats magazine and do a little reading on each of them. They are very active and social cats. You might want to find a breeder that would be willing to let you come over and handle them ahwile. This way you would know if your allergies act up. People who are VERY allergic to cat dander wont do good with any cat, as they all have dander. Hope this helps a little.
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I went ahead and moved this thread to the breeders corner, I hope that's okay Elinor. I think you will get more answers here, and you shouldn't have any trouble finding it, since your e-mail notification of new posts, will bring you here.

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Thanks I have never heard of a selkirk and I will look into breeders. I thought of getting a kitten as maybe if I started out with a smaller animal it would be easier on my allergies. The allergies are not as bad as some. I have heard bathing a cat regularly will help too. Also I just read that light colored cats produce less dander. Has anyone heard of this.?

Ps Debbie I did not find it at firs but thats ok. I had to post this again as the first one did not take. Hope it gos through this time.
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Well, bathing a cat regularly will cut down the dander because you are washing it off. I have never heard about the light coloring before. I cant say that it would make any sense though. Thats like saying white people loose less skin than colored people. The silkerk Rex has very thin hair but is very curly and sits close to the skin. Some have a longer coat than others. The Devon really is close to being hairless. Then the Cornish has a very short curly thin layer of hair. If they rub one spot too often, they are likely to end up with a bald spot. Most of the breeders I know live here on the east coast. If you are dead set that you would love to have a cat, you may want to talk to your Dr. about some allergy medications. I know so many people that take them so that they can live with these wonderful animals.
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I have a Selkirk Rex - he is a teddy bear cat and feels like a beanie baby. The Selkirk has longer fur than the Devon or Cornish and is not meant for people with allergies. They have both fur and dander. Many people can have a Sphynx that are allergic - but the Sphynx also have a type of dander and you could be allergic to that. I have a friend that breeds Devons and one that breeds Cornish - they usually have the person come to the cattery and spend 1/2 hour with the cats - then go home. If you do not have an allergic reaction chances are you could own a Rex. I have allergies that have been overcome by exposure (I have 21 cats) - there are some cats whose dander is different than the norm. Some people can have Siamese and Orientals - it just depends on the allergy.
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By Orientals do you mean the Tonkinese and Himalayn tpes or do you mean a specific breed called the Oriental? I obviously do not know my cat breeds all that well. I agree that some cats bother allergies and some dont. I have been around long and short haired cats and they bother me and others that dont. I used to have two cats years ago and they did not bother me. Maybe i just have to be around them more and I will build up immunities. Anyway thanks

Elinor Ps You have 21 cats? WOW
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I just want to add that some people that are allergic to cats, find that they do quite well with a Siberian. These are magnificent cats with lots of fur, but something in their spit is different so the dander does not cause allergies. This only works for some people though, so if you ever consider the breed, make sure you visit a cattery and give it a try.

For more info about this and the other breeds, have a look at the breed list (it will lead you to the relevant links):

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Anne thanks
I was told about the Siberian as well but there are no breeders up here at all. I emailed the Canadian Cat Assoc. and they told me they are only in the states.Thanks for all the input. I appreciate it.
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I know you asked Rene, but I figured I tell ya what an oriental is. If you lump a group of cats into the oriental class it would be devon rex, cornish rex, spynx, siamese and the orientals. I am sure I am missing a few more, but it gives you a good idea.
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Thanks for the breed list site. I didnt know about it. A lot of beautifull cats there. I love those orientals.And the Devon Rex are beautifull.

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hi Elinor,

I just wanted to say that I have pretty bad alelrgies and also an oriental, specifically a Tonkinese. I spent about an hour with her before I brought her home to make sure she wouldn't bother my allergies (I've had reactions to other cats)and have never had a problem. Unfortunately, my brother is very much allergic to her and can not longer come to my apartment. I think someone mentioned that cat dander between breeds is very different and so are individual people's allergies. From my experience that definantly seems correct. The best thing you could probably do is to meet with breeders of cats you are interested in and just play with them a while. Good luck and be sure to let us know when you get your kitty!

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A friend of mine has a Cornish Rex and he does aggravate my boyfriend's allergies more than our cat. But they're such cuties so see if they work for you. They are very needy cats, though, so make sure you're up for that.
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Thanks all for the info. I dont think I will be getting a Devon Rex or a Cornish as my hubby is not all that crazy about them.He loves cats but not those. Not fond of the way they look. Too bad he didnt tell me a little sooner. He does like the siamese and tonkinese though. Its good to know they dont bother your allergies Annie. Maybe that breed would work for me.

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