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I'm back home!!

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Well....after what seemed like an eternity on planes....I am finally back home. My cats did manage to knock a rather tall CD holder over which cracked the drywall....but drywall can be repaired....seeing my cats again is priceless! I've missed them terribly. Overall it was a wonderful visit....I didn't take any pictures because I kept forgetting to buy a disposible camera. After my brief write up from Amsterdam....I did see a total of approximately 12 cats (and one kitten). Most were store cats that lived indoors and outdoors (to keep away the rats). A couple that I met were coffee house cats which were very sedate (gee, wonder why). The rest were either out in the street or were inside other shops. The black and white one I saw initially I did manage to see later on curled up in an outdoor chair while patrons were eating. I didn't get to the cat boat...3 days just wasn't enough time to do everything...but I had fun regardless.

While I was visiting my relatives in Edinburgh, I had an interesting conversation with my uncle about indoor only versus indoor/outdoor cats. They have had 3 cats....2 of which were run over so they only have 1 now. I tried to explain how here in the States, being indoors/outdoors is not very safe and although it may seem cruel to keep a cat indoors only, it is actually far more humane in many cases.

So now I'm up at 6 AM because it feels like noon to my body...but it is so nice to be home.

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Im glad you had fun here in europe!!
Feels good to be home doesnt it?
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