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am I annoying or what?LOL!

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I have another question for all you cat experts!(and to me, you all are!)
Twig my oldest and biggest boy likes to go outside on occassion. My problem is, we can't find a cat harmess big enough for him. He has out grown everyone we bought and I even tried some dog ones but they weren't right either. So my question.. Where do you find a harness big enough for a 15+ pound cat? and If I measured right he is 18 inches around. You measure from under the front legs to the back(around the ribs) right? I can't wait for all the answers! I am getting tired of taking him outside to sniff the trees,flowers and other things but not being able to let him get down on the ground.
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What about a harness made for smaller dogs, like the dog from Taco bell or for smaller terriers?? I cannot think of the breed and am not going to attempt to spell it, LOL!
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My suggestion exactly. By the way, I used to have 12 aquariums. I raised Angels, Pearl Gouramis, and loads of live bearers. The hobby took over so much of my time; I went overboard! I'd love to have a large aquarium again, but all I have to see if two angelfish cleaning an area to breed and I have to set up an aquarium because I can't bear to see the eggs-potential life-eaten!!
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Besides, Barb, doesn't he get uncomfortably squirmy? My boys, who are not much lap cats though they love to sit next to me and get petted, don't like to be held in general, but esp. outdoors, they would be almost impossible to keep a grip on!

Tigger: C-H-I-H-U-A-H-U-A which I gather is a province in Mexico

If you can't get a harness that fits, what about one very long or two shorter dog collars? You could wrap a very long one in a figure-8, maybe, or buckle a smaller collar around his neck and a longer one under his arms, maybe use a keychain type ring to hold them together.

But I'm pretty sure I've seen cat harnesses is very large sizes, maybe it's just a matter of asking the store owner to special order it for you?
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This site might be able to help you, or contact a Bengal breeder and ask about custom harnesses as these cats are bigger than the average bear......

Harnesses and leads
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