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What kind of Plant...

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At work today a resident gave me this plant. Does anyone know what it is so I can figure out what kind of special care it needs???

(Pictures taken on camera phone...sorry for bad quality!)

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Very tiny, but it looks like African Violet.
Are the leaves kinda velvety?
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Yeah, I know the pics are tiny, I couldnt make them larger for some reason. The leaves ARE kind of velvety, but I looked up African Violets on the net and they look a little different. Hmmm...
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Possibly Kalanchoe?

There are many 'breeds' of African Violet, these are a show type like Roses or Orchids and have been selectively propogated for a very long time.

Without larger pics, I'm afraid it's going to be extremely hard to get a positive ID.
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Arlyn, I think you may be right about the african violet thing, it looks a lot like the ones I've seen pics of, just a few small differences. I am sure, like you mentioned, that there are many 'breeds', this is probably just one variation. Thanks for your help!!!
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I love to grow streptocarpus.

Perhaps it is one of these plants? The leaves are kinda furry and the flowers usually appear on long stems.
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Ok, i have taken some photos of my plants so that you can compare.

Anything like yours?
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Are the leaves succulent-like without a bigger pix its so hard to guess. are the edges of the leaves scalloped??? Look up calandiva or send me a bigger picture!!
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Nope Vamp, they look a bit different. But the huge bunch of blossoms all are on one big long stem!

Gail--The leaves are scalloped. It looks like pictures of african violet except for the scalloped leaves on this one. I am not home, so unfortunately can't try my hand at a larger pic right now.
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Do a google search for calandiva I bet this is the plant!!
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Is it a gloxinia? They have velvety leaves.
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