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Finally Max Is Healthy But I Have Another Question...

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Well, I know I don't post much but some of you may remember my cat Max with the supposed food allergies. We tried almost any kind of food that we thought would help. Two of my vets kept telling me it was food allergies but I finally got another opinion from one of my other vets (I only have five ). Anyway, he said it could be IBS/IBD and prescribed antibiotics to help. Well, the meds worked great and he is back to his normal self finally!!

So I was wondering, I have been reading a lot of holistic pet care sites and have decided to supplement a probiotic. As I understand it, I can use a powder or plain yogurt. My questions are

1) Where can I get the powder?
2) How much would I give or the powder or of the yogurt?

Thanks everyone...I hope someone has an answer for me.
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You should be able to find what you need at a really good health food store. Just tell the clerk that you would like some "powdered yogurt starter" this dry powder is what you use to start yogurt and is chock full of the good kind of bacteria. It will keep for weeks before going bad. Just sprinkle a little bit of it on top of kitty's food until kitty develops a taste for it. But is kitty underweight and in need of probiotic? Or do you just want to make digestion easier for him? If you are trying to get kitty to gain weight and get his coat looking sleek, you can accomplish that by sprinkling his food with cod liver oil. Your best bet as to how much he needs overall is to go to a holistic pet health board and post your question there. Be sure to provide them with a brief history of your pet as well as his weight now and why you think this would be a good thing for him. Good luck.
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He is healthy and doesn't need to gain weight. I just want to use a probiotic to keep him that way. Otherwise, my vet told me that if it gets inflammed again, he will need antibiotics again and I really want to avoid that.

Thank you very much hissy.
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Hi Candy! Glad to hear Max is doing well. I give my cats a probiotic called FelineDophilus. I don't know if it's sold in any pet stores or health food stores, but I get mine at the company web site which is www.natren.com It's a gel, not a powder but it's very easy to give to your cat. It comes in a syringe and each dose is pre-measured. I just put it on my finger and then put it on the roof of their mouth. Hope you give it a try. Continued good health to Max!
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