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newborn with a twisted leg

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I just had a kitten born today with a twisted leg. I had never heard of such a thing until I researched it on the internet.

I learned that it occaisionally happens. It can straightend out in time on it's own or with therapy (including massage, warm compresses, and splinting). I also learned that a lot of vets suggest putting the animal down. Some have other serious problems that are serious and can make a kitten miserable and can not be fixed. But, sometimes the twisted leg is the only problem. The kitten is nursing great like the others. It's size is approx. the same (kittens vary in size) as it's litter mates. It looks completely normal other than its back leg. The other back leg has a slight twisting, but I look for that to straightend out soon. I have a good feeling that the vets in my area will tell me to put the kitten down because of my (and people I know) experiences with them. I once had a cat that had a bad attitude sometimes. He didn't like anyone but me and my husband. My vet told me he strongly recommends to put him down. He was just too mean! Yea, sure! He thinks that is a good reason to end an animals life just because the cat didn't like HIM! We didn't take the cat back to him again.

Anyway, I may face the fact that I may have to take care of this kitten on my own. I'm scared to start massage or splinting in fear of I may break the leg. Someone knowledgable would have to tell me how. I need as much info. as I can get. Love to hear from someone else who may have heard of this or had a kitten with this problem. I will take suggestions on places to check out on the web too.

I have a picture, but I will have to email it. I do not know how to work a comp. very good.
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If you were unhappy with your regular vet you should seek a second opinion somwhere else. I would not recommend trying to place a splint yourself as it may do more harm than good. I'm sure the kitten will be fine- even if the leg has to be amputated- cats do really well with three legs!
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I agree with Doolittle I would get a second opinion. Give the baby a kiss for luck. You have a big heart and am sure you will do what you feel is right. Just don't try to splint it yourself.
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Sometimes, these things will straighten out on their own given time. However, it is best to get a vet's assessment first before deciding to wait it out. If you are unhappy with your current vet, I second the suggestion to find another one who makes you comfortable. If you have pets, then you MUST have a vet you can work with, talk to and learn from. You have to be happy with him/her.
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Yes, I do have another vet. That was years ago that I took my cat to that vet. Actually, our Humane Society has been putting the word out in our area to avoid that particular vet. There must have been a good many complaints about him.

No, I would never splint the leg unless a vet told me it was okay.

A friend of mine who cares for animals is pretty doubtful that any vet will be willing to even see the kitten (but I am going to call and see). She has experience in caring for animals and has delt with the vets around here. But, she thinks the therapy will work. She also thinks that in time the kittens leg may straighten. Maybe with some simple massaging and warm compresses will help in that. The twisted legs involve tendons (sp.?). Warmed up,they can be worked with easily and slowly without hurting the leg or kitten. Of corse, I will find out for sure before I do anything.
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Hi. I'm new and I realize this topic is old, but, I have 2 kittens with twisted feet/legs in the back. One not as bad as the other. I was doing a search and came across this topic and I'm wondering if you've done the compress/massage route and did it work any or did you take your to the vet and what did they say?

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If it were me I would take the kitties to the vet to be checked.
I would not want to guess about how serious their problem is or what should be done for them.
Please let us know what you find out.

Welcome to TCS Chrissy.
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Thank you for the welcome. I plan to take the little boy to the vet tomorrow after they open. His sister doesn't have it so bad. She's able to get up and walk, just her little toes point out more then normal. Bubbles, on the other hand, has what we're calling "flippers". So, he is off to the vet to see what's going on but I am curious about the messages. I read that it does work but since I don't know anyone who's tried it.....ya know?

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I have not experienced this but tomorrow a lot more people will be online.
You will get more feedback then.

This is a great are going to be so glad that you have joined us.
I am sending Bubbles and his sister lots of healthy vibes.

Let us know what your vet says.
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