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Bonding with the cats.

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I have two cats, Leeloo, the female is nearly two and Ziggy, a male cat is one. I got Leeloo from a petstore when she was about 8 weeks, she used to knead on me and suck on my skin like I was her mom it was very cute, eventually I had to make her stop because as she got bigger it started to really hurt! She began to get lonley when I started working full time and going to school so I was rarely home during the week. right around the time I began thinking of getting another cat for her, Ziggy walked into my life.

There were several stray cats out behind where I used to work, one of them must have had a litter and left him behind for some reason. My co-worker was outside having a cigerette and he came right up to her meowing like crazy (which is his personality all the way still to this day he meows constantly every time he feels he's not being paid attention to) she brought him in and there was a debate as to what to do with him since no mother cat could be found. I said I would take him to my vet just to make sure he was okay, and by the time I got ot the vets office and I asked if he could maybe help find a home he was like "oh this cat is yours" and he was right there was no way I was letting him go. He was about four weeks the vet told me.

Ever since Leeloo has been so happy she had pretty much taken over the 'motherly role' with him, when he couldn't really clean his face after eating she would clean it for him etc. she used to get real protective over him. Now he is bigger than she is. and Ziggy and I have a very close bond. Leeloo, who has always been a big scardy cat (she's a tortiseshell and I've been told thats normal of her breed) she seems very timid around me, my boyfriend, people in general. I wish I could have the same kind of bond with her as I do with Ziggy. and sometimes I wonder if it is jealousy on her part? once in awhile she'll surprise me and jump in my lap (for two seconds but still) or rub against my leg. it's very rare for her to start meowing though. she, unlike ziggy though is much better behaved, and she responds to her name where he just doesnt. I wonder if the differences in my two cats might have to do with the situation that I got Ziggy in, or maybe how he was younger than she was when I got him, or because they are different breeds (even though he is an all black cat, my vet tells me he has to be part siameese by his shape and personality). I know all cats have their own souls and their own personalities. but I wonder what makes Leeloo so shy, and Ziggy so outgoing when I try really hard to show them the same amount of attention.
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I think it might just be the personality of your kitties. Leeloo might just take longer to warm up to people.

My mom has two cats that are very shy around strangers, btw, but they were worse when they were kittens. Perhaps Leeloo will grow out of it as she gets older.

What pretty kitties!
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