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My kitten will be three weeks old tomorrow. I was told by some of the users that he needs to be walking around to build up his strength. Now the vet said he should sleep 90% of the time and he does. He doesnt seem to be thrilled when I wake him but maybe im assuming. Should I wake him to let him play and if so how often???
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Well you should be waking up up to feed him every 4 hours or so anyways. So get him paying then. You are bottle feeding him right?
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I usually feed Spike(he's 3 weeks), and let him play for about 30 min after each feeding. He goes right to sleep after play time, and I wake him up and snuggle with him before feeding. So total, he gets about 2 hours of play time each day. He's not thrilled when I wake him up, but after some snuggleing, he starts purring.
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So purring is a good thing right well theres times wehn he will cry every 2 hours or 3 but then there are times like when we go to sleep he sleeps all the way through for 8 hrs or so but he usually crys when hes hungry...am i doing something wrong? yes im bottle feeding....how much longer should i keep that up??
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Check out this site:


It will tell you how to proceed, it's a great site with excellent advice.
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I wish mom was there to nurse. I think 8 hr is a long time. He should feed at the latest every 3-4 hours. SO you help him poo.
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also check out:


She is great, and there are a lot of good tips there.

Here is a quick run-down of Spike's day:

I feed Spike at every 2 1/2 hours, so I can get the recommended daily serving for his weight in him every day. Even during the night. He would probably sleep during the night if I let him, but - he needs approx. for his weight, (6.7 oz,)56cc's daily, and he doesn't eat a whole lot at each feeding.

Spike squeals occasionally around a meal time, but I have to wake him up usually. But he's been more and more active everyday. It's really amazing at how fast the develop, and so worth the effort and work.

Spike is 3 weeks, 3 days, and has been refusing the bottle, so I have been trying some chicken baby food, (no onions), otherwise force feeding him his bottle, as he has to get something in him. After much tested patience, he eats, and I take him to the litter box and stimulate to make sure there's not a poopy (he goes #1 on his own), but he usually poops once every other day, at 10:30 PM on the dot. This also associates the litter box with pottying. His poop is a yellowish green (vet says normal with the brand of formula he's on), and is a toothpaste consistency.

If you need anything else, feel free to PM me...I'm on at all hours of the day and night..lol
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