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Need your Help please!

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Please help me come up with 2 names for 2 female brown spotted bengals we are keeping to show.
I've run into a road block for ideas for names for these two. Sorry no pictures as of yet. They are only 10 days old.

Their 2 brothers, whom we are keeping as well, I have named "Eclipse" and "Dream Weaver"

The sires name is Maui Kahekili and the dam is Majesty (Maggie for short).

Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated!
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Celestial, Moonlight, Starlight, Lunar, Sunbeam
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Maui Wowie?
America sounds like a good name for some reason. I'm sorry I'm not very creative about naming. Zissou sort of named herself.
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Kaheima and Majeka?
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Are these Kai babies re what their registered names will begin with (sorry, didn't know the cattery name on Maggie)...or will they be "of Kai"?

Assuming their name begins with Kai how about Kai Solar Flare and Kai Diamond in the Rough?

Or Kai Queen of My Heart, Kai Spots are a Girls Best Friend

Kai Majestic in Spots, Kai Divine in Spots (aka Miss Divine)

okay, these are horrible, I quit!
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Here's a few I came across and liked while trying to name my own babies when I was looking for native american names ...

Avita (Cherokee female name meaning "first to dance"
Catori (Hopi name meaning "spirit")
Kaya (for the older one since in Hopi it means "elder sister)
Koko (Blackfoot name meaning "night")
Leotie (Flower of the prarie) another one I especially liked
Mika (Intelligent raccoon) I like that one but was naming a male
and these are all female names
Nova (Hopi name meaning "chases butterflies)
Weeko (Sioux name meaning "pretty")
Wenona (Sioux name being "firstborn daughter" for the older)

In fact, here's a lnk to a number of sites filled with cat names from all over the world, from different languages, different subjects.


And a few other pet name sites:



This one even has a "purring pairs" link to name pairs of kitties


Have fun.

With all that, I ended up with Rocky-Rockette and Little Big Man. LOL
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