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What was your first pet?

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I thought this would kind of fun to find out what everyone had as their first pet.

My first pet(that I can remember) was a black and white cat named Oreo. He was so mean!! He was the type of cat that you can only pet once or twice before he'd strike you. A couple years later we moved to Florida and gave Oreo to my aunt along with my Grandmother's cat Red who was a very laid back cat and very sweet.

They lived together for many years until Red was attacked by a Coyote. After that Oreo completely mellowed out after losing Red and became just like Red. Unfortunatly my mom and my aunt don't talk anymore so I don't know whatever happened to Oreo.

So what was your first pet?
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The first one, that was really mine, was a black cockapoo, named Penny. I got her, shortly, after my first marriage. My mother-in-law was worried that this spoiled dog would be jealous of the baby. Not to worry. When I came home, from the hospital, Penny was so glad to see me, she didn't notice Richard, for three days. Then, all did was sniff him all over and lick the top of his head. She, then, ignored him until he was big enough, to play with her.
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When I was pretty small my very first pet was a tiny orphaned kitten that my dad brought home. My parents decided to name him Chester and try to keep him alive. When my mother wasn't bottle feeding my brother, she was bottle feeding the kitten. One night when Chester was about six months old, my parents kept calling his name but couldn't find him anywhere outside. The next morning they discovered that he had been run over but was still alive, so my dad immediately took Chester to the vet where he was told the kitten was expected to live. But instead of living, Chester died of his injuries at home a few days later. (Back then, vets weren't able to help animals like they can now.)
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My first pet was when I was 5 years old. I remember it so well...the day we went to pick her out....there was a litter of several pups, who had a purebreed Spitz mother, and the neighbors German Shepherd for a daddy....big OOPS on that one...these breeders were soooo mad that this German Shepherd got to their female... :laughing:

But the pups were SO cute! They all came to the front of the pen, barking, tails wagging, wanting to be played with, but one of them just sat clear in the back of the cage, shaking and looking very scared. She was the runt. I picked her.

I named her Trixie.

Trixie was my dog until I was 23 years old....which means Trixie was 18 when she died of old age.

She was the best dog in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!
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I had so many different pets growing up but the one that I can actually say was my very first was a cat named CoCoa. When I was in the fifth grade I found him on the playground at my school. He was such a friendly cat and I wanted him so bad. Well instead of clearing it with my parents, I just assumed that they wouldn't mind so I brought him home with me on the school bus in my backpack. Of course another kid had to tell on me but my bus driver just told me not to do it again. Well I got him home and everyone fell in love with him. Well we had him for about five years until he passed away. He was there for me through the rough teenage years. He was such a special cat and I will always remember him.
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My first pet was actually lots of pets. My family had 3 cats and 2 dogs. then we lost one of the dogs(st bernard)and one cat(orange tabby)and we moved so we had the two cats (calico and orange tabby, the remaining one)and one dog(welsh corgi)back then my mother made the cats outside cats and the orange tabby got hit on the street right in front of the house. I saw it all. It still haunts me when I see cats running around outside.
the calico passed away from old age when we moved here. then we had just dogs. three of them. German shepard, cavalier king charles spaniel, and a pound hound/minature collie(who grew into a huge 60+ pound collie). My sister moved out and took the collie with her and I moved out and mom gave my German shepard away to some friends and she moved away and took the spaniel with her.
when I got my first house with my ex we had 6 dogs and 12 guinea pigs. He didn't believe in neutering the males and we didn't have the $$ to get the females done either so we ended up with the 6 dogs. We divorced and he got the house and the dogs( wouldn't even give me one..spiteful a**hole)the guinea pigs got given to wonderful homes though, before we split up.
Now I am living with my fiancee and four cats. We couldn't have any dogs right now because our lives are to hectic for them. So the cats are our company. I know they will live long and spoiled lives! They are our kids after all! I was raised around all kinds of animals and I have respect and love for all of them.
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My first pet was a goldfish named Goldie. I guess fish aren't really 'pets', so I guess Twinkles is my first pet...
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When I was born, my parents had a cat named Captain Midnight, who ran away shortly after. Then, they adopted a grey male and named him Loppy, after a college friend of my Dad's. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car right after my brother was born. The first pet I really remember was our third cat, a grey female that my parents also called Loppy, because she was the twin of Loppy the First. We got her from a neighbor of my mother's aunt, and I remember looking in this big cardboard box at a bunch of kittens. Loppy the Second lived until she was 21.
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My first pet was a cat named Snicker. She was a stray who showed up at my grandmother's house to have kittens. Snicker loved to eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We would also climb trees together. She lived to be 18, but had to be put to sleep because of cancer.

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My first pet was a cat named Blacky. I was about seven years old. He was the first of a series of Blackys. He disappeared, and later I learned that my parents had given him to my two year old niece who decided to give him a bath in a bucket of water. Blacky did not survive the bath. Since then I have had numerous cats, three collie mixes, three collies, numerous parakeets and finches and, at one time, twelve aquariums.
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We never had pets when I was growing up. We did have a rabbit for a while, but it was for "food" purposes.

So, my first official pet as an adult was a siamese cat I took in after my friends cat had an unexpected litter. Her name was Peaches, and she was very sweet. When I moved though, I had to find her a new home. She was an adorable kitty. I still think of her sometimes and wonder where she is now.
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My first pet was a goldfish (sorry but i think they do count as pets) called Tom, later nicknamed to Jaws as he attacked any other fish put in his tank. Had him for years.
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When I was growing up, we had a weimeriener (sp?) named Dutchess Willamena Von Volk. She was a great dog, really great with us kids. She was really my Dad's dog, though. Then we had Felicia, a pit bull/everything else mix. That dog had more personality than any I have ever met! My sister brought her home shortly after Dutchess died of a stroke, and Dad was so mad he didn't talk to my sister for over a month. But the little black puppy knew who to snuggle up to, and within a couple days she and Dad were best friends. So, technically, she was really Dad's dog too.

My first pets, really mine, are Trent and Ophelia, the two loves of my life that I have now.
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The first pets I had were two rabbits, - one black one called Smokey, and one white one called Snowey (original eh!?!? :laughing: )
I think I was about 4 when we got them, I used to push them around the garden in a little blue plastic wheelbarrow..... :tounge2:

(BTW, Wibble - you don't live too far from me!! Welcome!)
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My family always had tons of cats (indoor/outdoor) and one dog at all times. My first pet that I would call my own was a grey cat named smokey (of course ) when I was five. My mom let me pick one from a litter and keep him all to myself. He was the sweetest, he let me carry him around over my shoulder all the time. But one summer just before we went away for vacation, smokey went missing, and he never showed up for a couple weeks after we got back. He was trapped in our neighbours shed the whole time!!! We took him to the vet and we had to have him put down (I forget exactally what was wrong with him). I can still remember walking down our driveway going to bury him and crying my eyes out, holding him in a towel.
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