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Some people are SO stupid! (job rant)

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I work at a nice salon that has a large clientele. A few weeks ago, the thorn in everyone's side, queen of the little clique, a loud mouth, gossipy, trouble making, hateful *itch left to open her own salon. It has been so nice and quiet, no fussing, no wondering what the Prozac Princess was going to do, or who she was going to pick on that day. She got away with a lot because she would work 14 hours a day and had built a good clientele. Then the mean receptionist left to work for the new place the day after having her entire family in for free services, basically stealing several hundreds of dollars in services, and stirring up so much trouble that several of us almost lost our jobs.
Yesterday, one of our best stylists left to go to work at the new place, losing her entire clientele, health insurance, paid vacation, just because she is afraid this other girl won't be her friend any more, and will talk about her behind her back. I cannot believe that someone is so intimidated by another person to go from a good job to NOTHING! I cannot comprehend that. Apparently she does not realize that she will be starting over after 4 years at a good job. I feel so bad for her. Going from coworker to boss is going to be a whole different ball game. Our boss offered her a raise, and another good perk that we were not allowed to hear, but she still said no, she had to work for her friend. She is a really sweet girl, and the others will eat her alive. Our boss made it very clear that she will not be rehired when her new situation falls down around her ears.
Now we have to get used to new people, when we had a really good staff! Darn it!
Thanks for letting me rant!
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No problem!

Yes, that's the unfortunate thing. I use to work with a bunch of sales reps and usually when one person goes many others do to.

Keep a watchful eye though. If Prozac Princess (love that term BTW) keeps hiring people from your current employer she can only hire so many before the owner of the salon you work in can sue. I'm pretty sure there is a limit on the number of people that PP could take.
I only mention this because my sister-in-law had a similar situation. One of the lawyers in the office broke off to start her own firm. She took most of the staff with her, but could only take 1-2 people. MY SIL had to wait another year (and work a different job) before she could go work for the other lawyer.
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