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Saturday's DT

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I've noticed the daily threads haven't been popping up lately...

It was a cold rainy day today on the Cape. Blah!

Me and Brian went out to lunch and of course everyone in town had the same idea. It was nice though and the food was pretty good. We rented a couple of movies too. One is called Domestic disturbance and The others. Anyone seen them?

Once the rain let up a bit I met a friend at the park with our dogs. She has a Pit bull who she thought to be dog aggressive since he always barked and went crazy when he saw other dogs. So she got a muzzle for him and we decided to meet at the park and introduce Niko to Natala(my dog). It went so well!! He was actually scared of her. He'd slowly creep over to her and when she'd look at him he'd bark and run behind his mom.

They were walking together and Natala paid no mind to him. Niko's mom was very pleased with the results and hopefully sometime soon we'll be able to do it again. BTW the only reason why he was wearing the muzzle was to keep him from biting Natala as a precaution. He's very good with people and children although we did get quite a few nasty looks.
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Went upstairs to bottle feed MacBeth and found her nursing on mom already!!! Happy Dance!!!!

I have been doing little else but sleeping today. Plunked out in front of the boob tube on the recliner and the next thing I know it is ZZZZZZZZ city. Am still in a substantial amount of pain and will be for some time I am sure. Mike has been wonderful doing all the housework and the critter feedings (except for bottle feeding the little one) He hasn't cooked but has done a few loads of laundry and brought home take-out food so I don't have to do anything real streneous.
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I saw Domestic Disturbance - thought it was good I'm not usually a big fan of Travolta, but he did a great job in this one.

My day was nice, I spent all afternoon hanging out with a friend I haven't seen in a while. It was kinda nice to have some time off from the kids- I love them tremendously but its nice to have an adult conversation sometimes It was pouring here all day- yuck! Where is summer ??

Well, my baby hamsters have finally opened their little eyes I am SOOO attached to them- not sure I'll be able to give them up to new homes in a month I've named one Frodo from Lord Of the Rings because hes the runt and reminds me of a little Hobbit Hes not going anywhere- I could never give him up. I'm hoping to get some pics up of the little ones soon :rainbow:

Have a nice evening everyone
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We went to Davenport this afternoon on a trip that I thought was going to gain me my engagement ring back but they told me at the place I took it to that the guy who was supposed to fix the diamond in it and tighten the prongs wasn't there all that long and he took it to his shop to fix it and it'd be ready in another 2 or so hours!Well, first of all, this didn't sit well with me since they told me that the ring wasn't going to leave their shop, AND it'd be ready today after 4. We stopped at Dennys to get some lunch before that and the service there was horrible! it took forever for us to get our food, then it took forever for us to get the bill, and then when we went to pay for our lunch 4 people walked by us while we were standing there. we were so disguisted that we threw the money on the counter and left. We didn't want the change or anything! so that on top of my ring incident didn't put me into a great mood.
on the plus side however, we got four silver dollar fish for a tank we had, and 2 weather loaches to add to my tank. So my day has been up and down. It was a pretty day too. Cool but not very much rain so that's good.
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I've got the weekend off. This morning, we went to Tombstone and picked up Ike the Dalmatian. He's not quite comfortable, yet. Maybe, the bone from the Porterhouse, that Bill has on the grill will perk him up.
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LOVED the others! Thought it was very well done. You don't see many movies like that anymore. It relies soley on the story it tells. No bells and whistles, no explosions, gratuitous T&A, special effects...you get the idea.

Went to water aerobics this morning, had lunch with a new friend afterwards. That was really nice. It's hard to meet new people who you have something in common with, so when it happens it's really special.

Ran some errands afterward. Tomorrow the S/O and I go on vacation until wednesday night. We're driving 2 & 1/2 hours to a B&B in Virginia. We're taking our bikes. Tomorrow we'll bike 7 miles to a plantation that Robert E Lee lived in, tour it, go hiking in the cliffs above the potomac and then bike back. On tuesday we'll be touring a winery. I'm really excited. The B&B faxed over a list of restuarants, so I've already picked out 4 and we'll go to a different one each night. I picked a couple nice ones so a we'll get dressed up a few times while we are there.

Just NOW finished up all my work and got everything i need done for next week.

Hope everyone has a beautiful saturday!
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