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Is this aggression or jealousy?

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As some of you know I got two Siamese kittens a week ago---haven't had any kittens in 15 years. The kittens are almost three months old now--and as different as two critters can be. The lilac point, Grushenka is very active, affectionate and much bigger than her litter sister, Tatyana, who is shy, eats little by comparison. Tatyana follows me everywhere, hops on my lap or shoulder whenever she can. Whenever I pet Grushenka if she is in the vicinity she will bite me--doesn't break the skin--it's more like she grabs me. Is this feline jealousy? Or budding aggression? She doesn't do this unless I am petting the other kitten.

Tatyana is very small compared to the other one--the runt of the litter, I guess. Anyway, is this grabbing fingers, hand with the teeth but not really biting normal behavior? The other kitten, Grushenka doesn't do this at all. Thanks.

I haven't had the kittens long; all is strange still--including the presence of a Golden retriever--so perhaps it's stress-related.

I have not allowed such behavior in a puppy--puppies do not put their teeth on humans, period! But maybe cats are different in this respect? If these were real bites, I'd be more concerned, but am concerned enough to write. Thanks. Gatsbycat
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BadHabit posted this link before on the different types of agression in cats:


It sounds like it could be a few different types. 'Jealousy' is a cause of agression. More likely she is biting to get your attention. Even if the bites are not bad now they might become skin breaking. I would try to correct the problem while it is still new. Whenever she does bite act like you are mortally wounded, that might help.

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Cats are also know to give "love bites" also. This feels as if the cat is trying to pick up your finger; it's very gentle, and obviously not meant to hurt. For the play bite, I would yell "Ow" in a loud, mournful tone, as safron suggested.
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Ooooh, I love kitty love bites!! Fallon is known for the little nibbles she gives when you pet her.

It sounds as though it's a play bite. I found when Xavier would do this as a kitten the best course of action was to ignore him when he did this and if he grabbed my hand I'd keep my hand still and he'd let go seeing that my hand wasn't very fun.

He grew out of it with time and he will occasionally give love bites now and then.
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