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Cat has alleriges!!

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Does anyone have a cat that has allergies?? Emma Ann is allergic to dust and dust mites. I'm having a bad time. We use pills and shots and this doesn't seem to work well!!
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I never heard of this before! What are the symptoms? Come to think of it, my Joey sneezes an awful lot for a cat. I never thought it could be an allergy.
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Are you sure its mites and dust? What kinds of tests were done? Id be curious to see if it's those allergins for sure.
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Cat can sure have allergies. The most common ones are probably food allergies, but I think I once heard my vet mention that there are all sorts of cat allergies.
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The vet did an skin test and blood serum test. I live in Ft Wayne IN and Emma's Allergist is in Ohio no less.
She's been copughing alott the last two weeks with the meds. I checked out he dry food and remembered someone saying sometime about corn products.

I found some without corn by-products. We have had the chicken/rice and deer/potatoes you name it!!!

At least she hadn't lost her fur!!!
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What medications do they have her on? Also, how long did you keep her on the new food? The only reason I am asking is because the vet I work for specializes in these sorts of things. I see this quite a bit. I can talk to him Monday and get his oppinion on this matter.
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Emma gets 2.5 mg Prednisolone dly plus 2-4 mg Chlorpheniramine as needed, depending on how moist her cough is getting. She gets 40 units of the serum from Dr Patrick Breen D.V.M. Cincinnati Ohio. I have no idea what it is!!!! She get a shot once a week.

It just a heart break to hear her cough!! Last night was a bad night, she was up twice during the night. She fairly good during the morning and afternoon hours.

It's hard to think about kitty heaven, but it is a heart break to hear her cough. Other than that she's active and alert!!! And a shadow to me, anywhere I am she is!!
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Lynne have you had her chest x rayed at all? Have they ruled out chronic asthma? I will ask the vet I work with Monday and get back to you on the meds that night.
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