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matilda's gone

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on wednesday my husband and i realised we had not seen matilda for the whole day.
while it is not strange for her to sleep outside in the shed she always comes inside for food
so we went to check and she was lying on some old rags on the shed floor
i bought her inside much to her dismay, she growled at me
she could hardly walk and wouldn't eat or drink, my husband has been tried to force feed her
this went on for two days as we are not financial enough to get vet help
she did start drinking again and alot
but sunday morning when we woke we could tell she was in alot of trouble she had lost the ability to stand
so we bought her into our bedroom and we patted and stroked her and forced some water into her she no longer cried when i picked her up
about half an hour later she breathed her last breathe and died in front of us
and while this is devastating it is even more so as i feel so guilty about not getting her vet help
my question to you all is what do you think may have killed her i thought maybe a bite (spider or snake) maybe?
thank you to all
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I am sorry about Matilda. It really is hard to say what it was...

For others in a similar situation, I am providing this link -

When You Can't Afford a Veterinarian
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I am so sorry to hear about Matilda. I am sending love to you thru the internet.
RIP, sweet kitty.
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I am so sorry about what happened to your cat. It is impossible to know what happened. Please stop blaming yourself. I am sure you loved your cat and did all you could to give it a wonderful home. Take comfort and peace in your wonderful memories. Hugs to you.
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How very sad to lose your kitty like that! My dd is young, and has a very low income. She sets aside several dollars from each paycheck as a vet fund for her kitty Rascal...first for his neuter surgery, and now in case of a medical emergency. Maybe that would work for you, in case this ever happens again.

Condolences on your loss. Rest in peace, Matilda!
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The poor baby She's free from anymore suffering now and chasing butterflies over Rainbow Bridge with the others
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Oh the poor little girl..I'm sorry I do not know what could have caused that. May she rest in peace.
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Condolences on your loss of Matilda. Here's a link to an article on black widow bites in cats : http://www.petplace.com/cats/black-w...ats/page1.aspx . It sounds like maybe Matilda could have been poisoned - perhaps a thorough inspection for toxic substances in the yard should be done, in case a rescue-cat happens to come by. I am sorry that you couldn't afford a vet to put her down for you - I realize that watching her suffer has caused you untold heartache & disturbing memories, but I salute your courage to see her through it all, and show her love and comfort until the end. I am glad that you were able to find TCS during these dark days; I hope to see you in the forums. Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, Matilda. Hugs, Susan
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