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I came home to this? Is this possible?

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I came home after running errands and stopped by to say hi to fluffy bunch #2 and I see two little wet kittens crawling around. I just stood there with my mouth open. Where did they come from? Well, they must be from mom #2 (CeCe) because she is nursing them. Is this possible? Her kittens are only 4 wks old!!


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I've heard of mom's having litters with multiple fathers and some being younger gestationally, but wow, 4 weeks later!! Maybe someone more experienced and knowledgable will have an answer! Congratulations are in order in any case!
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Oh WOW!! That is amazing!
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Whoa! That's crazy! But congrats anyway!
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Do you have (had) 2 pregnant cats? I'm a little confused. Or are you saying your cat had kittens (a month ago) and now has had 2 additional just born?

If she had mated over several weeks those newborn kittens would have probably died when giving birth the first time or caused infection.

Now if you had 2 pregnant females and the other one just had her and your first cat took them from the other, that IS possible.

In fact I had a mother/daughter both bred (by different males) a week apart. This was the daughters first litter and the mom was a very good mom so "just in case" I had both bred.

The daughter had her litter a week after mom and decided that she didn't like being a mother, so she dumped her kittens in with the older ones. The mother cat took them in (only 2 extra) and nursed them.

But there was something wrong with the daughters kittens and within 2 weeks the two youngest kittens (from the daughter) were dead. Both mothers rejected them and would not nurse them.
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Congratulations to CECE & you!! Awww, that sweet smile on MamaKitty's face is sooo precious!! I really love the marmalade/white coat on the bigger baby, too! I hope you find out from a vet how CeCe had those newest ones though - I'm just as perplexed as you are!
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I called the emergency clinic and they said one explaination is she could have two sets of reproductive organs. I am in total shock! Everyone is doing fine but I worry about the little ones getting enough milk, they get pushed out of the way.
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That's insane. Looks like you have your hads very full for a bit. Biology can sure throw some crazy curveballs sometimes...
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I remember reading somewhere that cats can carry 2 litters of different ages.

congrats on the suprise new arrivals.
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I originally took in mom #1 when she was abandoned. Mom #2 showed up on my door step in a carrier a couple of weeks later. She came with 4, 2 wk old kittens. Her kittens are now 4 wks old and she just gave birth to these two... unless someone came in my house while I was gone and put them in with the others. She is treating them like her own. This means I now have 11 kittens I am crazy! Below is a picture of mom #1 and of course mom #2 is above.

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Now, AMYSCRAZY, that is totally crazy! It is so rare (thankfully), and here is this sick Momma cat, dumped on you, and she is the one to carry two litters!

Eleven kittens! My goodness, but you are overflowing with blessings!
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Wow, that is just amazing! Mom's are so cute! #1 looks just like my Tinkles-I had to take a double take.

Your going to have a small army pretty soon, lol
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The mom and her original kittens are doing great and seem to be healthy now. I still worry about the momma's milk supply. Should I remove the 2 largest kittens and start introducing them to solids? They have shown some interest in the KMR/kitten food mush. I have started feeding it to the mom to help her get the nutrition she needs.
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wow that is so amazing, ive never heard of that but wow, so cool
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Wow jee, latest I had one from the rest is about 4 hours. ANd that was the last kitten and he is a fatty.
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Hmmm...How do you know the 4 kittens she came in with were only 2 weeks old? Since cats can get pregnant very soon after giving birth, is it possible they were older than you thought when you got them, adding two weeks to that, and a few days extra (people will say a cat is 2 weeks old when it really might be 2 weeks and 6 days), the two weeks (or has it been 14 days or a bit more) you've had them, which in some ways could be stretched, and assuming since she's young and in a safe place she might have had these new kittens a bit earlier than normal...

Especially if they were a week and a half or so older than originally thought, and perhaps not grown as well as they should because the mom did not get proper nutrition ...

Assuming all that, if you do the math, allow for an early birth, could she possibly have been in a 2nd pregnancy when you took her in with the babies and that's the litter she gave birth to?

Vets and others can be wrong in aging cats and kittens, it's not an exact science.

Just a thought.
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Update- Now 4 little white/light grey babiesThey look like Siamese mix and are quite hungry and vocal. It just can't get any weirder

Charmed- that is a possibility. The kittens could be older than I thought. They were much more mobile than my almost three week old kittens are now. They were all in fairly sad shape, that might account for the small size.
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wow...that is crazy!!! CONGRATS on your NEW set of babies!! I bet the momma is really tired by now!!! I hope all goes well for you and the beautiful babies!!!
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Thanks Momoftwo, that makes 13 kittens! I'm not sure what I will do with them but I think I need to go buy a wire kennel before they take over the house. Any news on yours yet?
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Whoa, lady. You almost have a kitten army now. Here's to hoping she doesn't have any more stowaways tucked away. You've got your hands full enough already.

I would name mom#2 Matryoshka after the russian nesting dolls.
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WOW, This is SO crazy! I dont know how I would handle 13 kittens in my house. Good Luck with all of them. I will pray you dont go insane when they all get up and running around. LOL I think that God is looking after your cats and kittens and He knew you could handle this thats why He got all those kittens to you. I hope you have a big house. I think you may need it especially if she keeps delivering more. LOL Do you have homes lined up for any of them yet? I know that its still a while before you can give them other homes I was just curious if you had started trying to find them homes.
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that is just too cool. Wow. 13 babies! your gonna have your hands full when they are all mobile...
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Originally Posted by AMYSCRAZY
Thanks Momoftwo, that makes 13 kittens! I'm not sure what I will do with them but I think I need to go buy a wire kennel before they take over the house. Any news on yours yet?
no she is holding out i think she has been nesting so i think she is close..
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Amy - that's just amazing and wonderful. I have heard of that happening - there was someone on the boards about a year ago that had a cat give birth (while they were out of town) to a kitten when her kittens were already several weeks old. It was really bizarre. Unfortunately, the lady's son got leukemia and she's been off the boards so I don't know how it turned out.
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OK, mystery solved! I started to get suspitious this morning when I was looking at these 4 Siamese colored kittens. It was just to odd, Calico mom and not a spot of color other than cream and grey. My 15 yr old son finally confessed. He and a friend found them in the freinds garage and after no momma cat returned all day... well, they snuck the two littlest ones in the house while I was gone. They then pretended they didn't know about it. They waited until last night to sneak the other two in. I'm afraid the two that were without food for so long won't make it through the day. His intentions were good but I almost rang his neck. He told me he thought if anyone could save them it was me . I don't know anything about where these kittens came from and that scares me. The momma has taken them like her own and the two smallest ones that came first are doing great and nursing like crazy. I just don't know what to do now, the other two won't nurse and are very weak
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I guess this is proof of why you don't leave a pair of cats to mate for days and days and should separate them (planned breedings).

So it is true that the cat can conceive twice and kittens born later. IMO its not good for anyone concerned. I guess you are lucky that you didn't have complications.
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LOL. You've raised him well if he cared enough to help them. I hope the last two make it.
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Aw, Amy, I'm glad your son is so sweet. What a good boy. Have you tried putting corn syrup on the weakest ones' gums? That will give them a little energy - enough to nurse. I hope we hear good things about these two.
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Ohhh I'm glad you found out the truth, I hope the little ones make it. Have you thought about bottle feeding to make sure they get enough milk?
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Well, his heart was in the right place, and he may have saved two kittens lives, so you can't be too mad. However, he does need to talk to you a little more (not a strong suit for teenagers...)

Cold kittens cannot nurse. Try all the tricks of warming up the newbies, and Karo syrup on their gums. Then a syringe of warm KMR may perk them up. Prayers that they are strong enough to make it.

Hugs to you, Amy. Keep up the good work. If you are anywhere near Chicago IL, let me know, and I'll do whatever I can to help.
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