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cats getting along with other cats.

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Hi, this is my first post here, I need some advise.

When I was in 10th grade I got this kitten, fit in the palm of my hand, tiny cute little persian kitten. I cant remember how long after that she started going into heat, but when that happened we got her spayed.

Come 11th grade I moved to a house that had 2 dogs, cant remember what type of dogs, but they we small dogs, but had plenty of energy. As soon as she saw them through the crack of the door she instantly started hissing, they didnt get along. We ended up keeping her in the basement. One of these dogs was female, one male. At times she would get along with the female, they would cautiously approach each other with no hissing/barking, but when the male join the fray it would be chaos.

We moved out a few months later and again she was queen of her domain. A few years later I went to basic training/AIT, and she went to my uncles. He had a very large dog and 3 cats. One of the cats she was able to get along with but most she hated much like the previous dogs.

At this point after a few weeks living with me again she moved to my grandparents. They have a very large house and she lived in the basement. Other than the fact the food/water was going away they didnt even know she was there. She hid in there large basement. At one point I came over and called her name till she came out, then after playing with her around my grandparents she got to know them. After a few weeks they let her come upstairs, and she had a HUGE house all to herself. She lived there for awhile and really mellowed out.

After that she lived with me for the last 3 years or so.

I'm not sure if all my dates are right, but shes been through alot, and now is about to go through another change. I'm about to move in to a house with 2 male cats. Both nutered. I love this cat so much, we have such a bond. What can I do to make this cat get along with the other 2 male cats in the new house?

PS. I do appoligize for spelling/grammer errors in this, my word isnt working to fix it.
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Check out this link for introducing cats. Thing to remember is to take it slowly and give the cats as many good experiences as possible when they start seeing one another.

Feliway diffusers have helped in multi-cat households.

Good luck.
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You must introduce the two groups of cats. Are you moving into a place that the cats are currently living? Or will this be a whole new place?

Its a little easier if its a new place since territories have not been established and all 3 would be establishing their territories.

If the 2 males are currently where you;re moving to, take things SLOWLY. There will be a lot of hissing a lot of fighting, but that's only because your cat is trying to establish a territory for herself admidst the other two cats territories.

Keep LOTS of patience through this too. and be prepared for quite a few sleepless nights when you merge the two together.
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Thanks for the advise, the link on the first post gave me alot of good pointers. But yes, I am taking the female cat into a house where the 2 males have lived for a few months. The male cats are very calm and mellow. The owner of those 2 told me the older one has some shot to make it more calm, I think he said it began with a D. The other male just got fat and lazy. The female I'm going to be bringing in is a very fiesty, very small cat, and has lots of energy. She is getting old, and hasnt been in contact with another cat for awile. I think im gonna try that blanket idea from the link I was given. We wont be moving for a few weeks yet, so if anyone has anymore advise, hook me up! Thanks all.
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