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Also a new arrival

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Some of you may have come across my other posts... if so you know how one of my cats had cancer and has since had to be put to sleep.

Well, Isabel (my other cat who is two) was instantly severely lonely and I have gone out and bought a 9 week old kitty. I am now the nervous owner. I've never introduced one so small before.

Here is how it is going so far, I would like to know if this is good.

I introduced them while the little one was still in the carrier, it looked good so I let her out. The little one went exploring for about two hours and Isabel followed her one step behind everywhere. The little one, whom I named Sarah, was too busy investigating her new home to give Isabel much mind.

After that I think they had a bit of a falling out and it made me nervous so I pulled them away from each other. They were pawing at each other and making noise.

Then I took the little one to my room where she shortly fell asleep on my bed. Then I brought Isabel in the room and sat next to Sarah with her and Isabel gave Sarah licks from head to toe them went to bite her neck. This made me nervous... though perhaps she was only meaning to carry the little one away or move her. I pulled them apart and the little one awoke and growled at Isabel. Then Sarah fell right back to sleep, Isabel tried it one more time but I discouraged her then she got bored and went away. I picked Sarah up and have her asleep on my lap now as I right this.

My question is... should I relax a bit and leave Isabel alone?
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The kitten now has Isabel's scent on her, and I think (nothing is certain in this world!) that Isabel is adopting her. Kittens usually adapt even more quickly. Years ago I had just found a home for my mommy's kittens, and a friend brought a kitten-too young to eat from a dish- who had been taken from its mother far too soon. I had to hold my unwilling cat down and let the baby nurse every few hours for 1 day. The second day she started bathing it. From that feeding on, it was her kitten. She adopted it. Of course I was foolish to bring in a strange kitten, but all worked out well.
Good luck with little Sarah. I hope she eases your heartache. We've all been there. It's so hard.
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I hope thats what she is doing. Just a few minutes ago Isabel took another go at licking Sarah and I did my best to be relaxed. She took Sarah by the neck again and Sarah didn't like it. Then Isabel wrapped her legs around Sarah to make her still then continued licking her. Nothing bad happened, maybe Isabel was trying to discipline her to stay still. Sarah growls a bit and Isabel eases up then takes back to caring for her.
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If Isabelle is grooming the kitten it sounds like she is accepting her. It would be awesome if Isabelle adopts her!

Just a reminder that it is always a good idea to quarantine any new pet to make sure it doesn't have any diseases or illnesses. I wouldn't want you to have to go through any other tragedies so soon.

Congratulations on Sarah! I bet she is adorable, you should post some pics.

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I have taken some pictures of her and I will likely have them developed next weekend, its a long weekend this weekend so things will be closed. Soon as I have them I shall post one or two.
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I had the cat and new kitten separated during the night and now they are back together.

Sarah (the kitten) is raring to play, chase things, and is dashing about. She has a lot to put up with... Isabel keeps trying to tackle her and keep her still so she can lick her or carry her off to lick her. Sarah objects loudly to this as she only wants to play. I'm torn what to do... Isabel looks rough but she doesn't appear to hurt the little one. So, I generally shake the shaker and they ease up. Is this still good behavior?
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You're describing the way my mother cat cares for her kitten. They all want to play, and Isabel will play with her, but right now she's showing her who's boss. My female often holds my male down and gives him a bath. Just keep your eyes open. When the kitten gives in and accepts Isabel as mommy, all will be well. Sometimes kids don't want a bath!
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Thanks! That makes me feel better!
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I just love having a new little kitten! Isabel is in the tub right now teaching Sarah how to chase dripping water.
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And only together when I was there to watch the two interact. The type of behaviour you are describing can be good, but it also can get out of hand quickly. When you feed, put Isabel's food down first, pet Isabel first, keep her in the Alpha position so that Sara does not threaten her in any way. But I would not leave the two alone unsupervised, those love nips have a way of turning bad quickly. Just MHO. I would keep them seperated for at least a week, switch bedding so they get used to each others smells without having to get used to each other playfulness. Good luck.
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I do separate them at night, and since its the weekend I'm around all day. But when I go grocery shopping later I will separate them. Isabel is used to sharing things as she was a shelter cat that I bought for a companion to another cat which has passed away. So, sharing isn't new to her. I do watch for roughness as I don't want the kitten to get hurt.
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Isabel is in heaven. The little one, Sarah, has begun to try and suckle and Isabel is just loving the attention.
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You don't have a thing to worry about. From what you are describing, these two are best of friends and your older cat is so happy to have the baby to care for. In all the years I've raised multiple cats I have never had a cat turn on another cat that they grommed and played with. They are having the time of their life. Seperating them is most probably causing both of them unnecessary stress.
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I finally got my pictures developed.

Here is Isabel and Sarah together in bed.

Here is Sarah squished in a telephone box.

And a better look at her markings.

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They are so precious. I'm glad they get along so well.

Would you please post instructions on how to post photos. Someone sent that to me once before, but I misplaced the instructions.


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When I post pictures...

-I upload them to my server
-Copy the URL
-write my post, where I want the image to appear I stop and press the button above that says "IMG"
-a box appears and you paste your URL, then press ok. It will insert a little bit of code into the message box. Then carry on writing as you wish then submit the post as usual.
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In the first picture the cats look soooo comfortable with each other.
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Isabel looks so happy that Sarah came into her life.

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