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So yesterday since I knew I was going to be by myself all day today and tomorrow I ended up renting 4 movies. Well they were due back today by 9 so I got them all finished up and called a friend to give me a ride to the video store. I was in the middle of getting my pants on when she came knocking on my front door (We normally go out the side door). So I hurry up and get everything and leave my cellphone behind and go out the front door and go return the movies. She drops me back off at home and drives off as I'm approaching the side door. It's locked..I panic knowing the front door locks itself sometimes so I run to the front door..locked..garage door..locked. Worst of all..my parents are out of town for the weekend..and my phone is in the house!!! So I'm pacing on my porch trying to come up with some plan and I go to my window knowing that I normally don't lock my window and try yanking the screen off..it won't come of because there's little latches on the INSIDE I have to unlock to get it to come off!! I was fortunate enough to find an ink pen on my porch that I used to punch little holes into my screen that's nearby the latches to unlatch them and crawl through my window. The whole time I'm climbing onto my dresser to get inside Jack Daniels is looking at me with that classic "What in the world are you doing?!" look.
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Makes you wish your cat knew how to open the door, eh?

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When i was 12, my dad accidently locked me out of the house, i didnt have my keys with me, If i screamed into the front doort screen the house would echo and he would sometimes hear it, he didnt hear it so i went knocking on the window to get the attention and then i accidently smashed it!i swear i was only knocking!!
They still hadnt noticed untill about an hour later my mum saw me sitting by the front door

My cats sitting by me were also wondering what the hell i was doing
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I was watching my brothers house a few years ago and did something like that. I had just gotten back from the bar. The only window that I knew was unlocked was in the front (which faces a main road).

I was so worried since that the police were going to pull up. It was midnight/1 am with me using a lawn chair to climb into an unlocked window.
No police ever came.
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We keep a key hidden outside just in case this happens!!
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