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my photos

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Anymore when I post a pic it says its too big How can I resize them??
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a simple way to resize them if you don't have photoshop or any fancy photo editing programs, you can use Microsoft Paint ..

open the picture in MS Paint
click image -> attributes (or Ctrl+E)
then resize the width/height of your image and save as .jpg usually

hope that helps
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You could also download this freeware: www.irfanview.com. You go to "File", and "Open" your image. Then go to "Image" and "Resize/Resample", which gives you a number of options, the easiest probably being clicking "640 x 480 pixels" on the right-hand side. Once you've made the changes, go back to "File" and use "Save" or "Save as...".
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Thanks! I will d/l the IrfanView....and hope that helps!!
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I've also just sent you some information about another site you may find useful.
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