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Gender Bender?

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I have two nearly 10mo old kittens, neither have been fixed yet. (Planning on it within the next two weeks AS SOON AS I can get an appointment!!) As far as I know, they're sisters, and one of them has already had her first few heats, which is a lot of fun, as you could imagine, however the other has not, and like I said, they're nearly 10 months old.

My mom suggested that that one could be a boy, but I've ...looked for evidence backing that statement and came up negative as far as I know. She's pretty fuzzy, and it's hard to tell, but I'm almost sure that testicles would definitely be visible at this age. And even if she was a male, I'm sure that I would have had spraying by now and a LOT more interest in his/her sister.

What are the possibilities of her being just a late bloomer? Should I be concerned about her health? I have difficulty getting vet appointments as is (hence the delay in spaying) so I'm just looking for advice from fellow people who may have had this dilemma before.

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Some cats don't call for years. If she was male it would be fairly obvious. It's obvious enough from when they're just a few minutes old but if you have any doubts I would keep them seperated and yes get that appointment asap!
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Thanks for your help! I'm pretty definite she's a female, I just wanted to make sure that she was healthy!
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Have you tried looking around your area for a low cost clinic? I wouldn't spay or neuter a cat at a regular vet, with all the cats I get fixed, I would go broke. I look for clinics who do it for $5-$55. Tell us your city and state and we can look one up for you. Or just do a google search. The longer your cats go into heat without being spayed, the greater their risk for cancers and other diseases when they are older.
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There is one, actually, and they have limited slots, unfortunately. They only do it Tuesday and Thursdays and apparently the female slots fill up VERY quickly. (I've also had money issues. ) The cost is $65 per cat, and it includes a distemper and rabies vaccine, so I know it's a good deal. It's just getting them OUT there.

There is also supposibly a mobile clinic that goes around locally here in Providence, but I have yet to find any information on it.
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Have you tried this website to see if there are other clinics in your area.
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I'm assuming you are referring to Providence, Rhode Island.

This link has a national listing of low-cost spay neuter. Scroll down to Rhode Island, and also check Connecticut and Mass. You may find some new resources.


You can find a listing of no-kill and drescue groups in Rhode Ialand here. Perhaps if you call them, they can direct you to other places also, or give you info on the mobile. You'll see a link to "shelter and rescue groups" in the upper right hand part of the screen. Click on that, then use the bar to choose Rhode Island.


As far as the kittens go, sometimes it's hard to tell or to see testicles. I had one that never went into heat, and I had her spayed at about 9 months. Up until then, I thought she was a he. The vet who was to neuter "him" told me. So Rocky became Rocky-Rockette. Sometimes they fool ya. LOL
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Thanks for the links, and I'm actually going through Volunteer Services for Animals, like I said, it's just a matter of getting them in. I'm hoping for next Thursday, Rin is having a heat right now so I need to make sure she's through before taking her in. I wait tables, so my money flow isn't regulated and we're on a rough season right now, so getting them to the vet hasn't been my top priority as of late. Hopefully I can get the cash this week to take them.

Once again, thanks for all of your help!
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