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Goodbye little Frankie

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I've been waiting to post this since last night, since it was just too hard to write. We got the news that, after a brave fight, little Carson Francis (Frankie), whom so many of you have been praying for, passed away with his foster mom snuggling him, late yesterday afternoon. He was 17 days old.

RIP Frankie, knowing you were loved and touched many hearts in your short time here. Now you can run and play happily with your littermates. I know my tuxedo boy Willy will love being your friend and playing with you too. I promise we'll take good care of your mama and will always remember what a sweet, brave little guy you were.
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I am so sorry! I know how much you and his foster Mommy loved little Frankie! You did everything possible for that little boy! Deepest condolences on his loss.

Rest in peace, tiny boy. You were truly loved during your short time here on earth.
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RIP Carson Frances
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Rest in peace little Frankie
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Little Carson Francis ... our prayers are still with you sweet baby.
You will not be forgotten.
RIP darling.
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Condolences on your sad loss of Carson Francis - dear Frankie, play happily among the angels, sweet kitten.
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RIP sweet Frankie!
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Bless his little heart

You'll have many friends over at the bridge Frankie, so have fun.
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Carson Francis (Frankie) little angel with fur.
Peace be with you and those you touched.
God speed over the birdge little one.
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Oh Eileen... I´m so sorry for Frankie!
My deep condolences to her for her loss...
R.I.P. Sweet angel!
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RIP Frankie
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RIP little Frankie
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Too sad and too soon . RIP little Frankie . You'll be forever young at the Bridge.
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