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Please help! Potty problems have resurfaced!

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My girl Cleo has had on and off peeing on furniture problems for years now. My ex gave her to me because she was peeing on his bed and he couldn't deal and didn't want to figure out what was wrong. She had peed on my bed a few times but since I moved to NC two years ago with her she hasn't peed on a bed.

She's progessed to couches instead and recently the tub. She'll use the litterbox too, for peeing and pooping, but randomly decides not to. Using the tub has been pretty frequently lately, a few times a week. I think I may need to clean my tub a little more thoroughly so that it doesn't smell like a good place to her. I'll clean out her litterbox more often too, maybe that will help? (I try to do it once a day.) I've used the same litter she's had for years, swheat scoop, but maybe she needs a change?

The problem now is 1) she's ruined my relatively new couch, and 2) I'm moving in with my boyfriend in about 1.5 months. He says he loves her but if she pees on our new furniture she's out. I don't know what else to do!!

She's been to the vet each time and is healthy. She's been on muscle relaxants short term after each time and they seem to help at first. She peed on the couch and the tub last night so I'm going to call the vet Monday to see if we can talk about anxiety medication, if this is a good idea? Does anyone have cats on anxiety medicine that has worked well? She is a very timid cat; she spends most of her time under the chair or couch if she hears a noise outside or if someone she doesn't know comes over.

I have another cat too, Orion, who is going to a new home next week. My boyfriend mentioned before is allergic, so I decided to rehome Orion, who hates the fact that I lock him out of the bedroom and meows all night. We're hoping that his allergies will be better with 1 cat instead of 2. Orion's very friendly and needs a home where people can love all over him and where he can sleep on the bed.

Orion may be part of Cleo's anxiety but she did have peeing troubles before he lived with us. Orion is alpha-kitty and loves to jump on Cleo and roll on her and eat her food. She is not amused by this.

I've read the peeing problems thread and tried different cleaners and covering spaces with foil. Other than talking to the vet about meds and trying new litter, can I do anything else? Any ideas? I will feel awful if I have to get rid of her too. I feel that if I gave her to a shelter no one would adopt her because of her peeing. She can't live in a shelter for the rest of her life....

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boy do I ever know what you are going through!!!! I went through alot of that myself with our kitty Roxxie. All I had to do to get her to stop... believe it or not.... set all her stuff up in a different room. She didn't like being in my daughter's room. I have her in the spare bedroom with her litterbox, food, water and her perch and she hasn't had an accident since. Tried her on all different meds but she was so groggy... it was sad. She is a timid cat also... but now with her own space she is starting to come out when she wants to..... and she 's now peeing anywhere in the house either..... good luck....
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There are so many possinble reasons for inproper elimination problems.... and that's when you're sure it's not spraying (which is a whole different ball game ).

Stress is one factor. Litterbox issues may be another (there can be more than one). Maybe these articles can help -

Litter box Factors

Treating Urine Stains

Wendy Christensen's Cat Behavior column
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