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Digging to China in her catbox

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My 7 month old Calico, Buffy, does the strangest thing- When she goes to her litterbox, she digs and digs and digs. Pushing a large portion of the litter into a pile at the corner of the box. So when she has her bowel movement, it"spreads" out onto the floor as well as the box. Is there anything we can do that would stop the mess. I thought about buying a covered box. Could there be an underlying reason she does this?
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My four do this too. You can buy a covered box but I might not help, she might just stick her rear by the door of the box and do the same thing. I have boxes that have opened top type of things on them, not like covers more like lips around the top of the box. I also use a little less litter in the boxes and that seems to help some what. otherwise I have mats under the obxes for all the overflowed litter and the occassional p**p that comes out so it doesn't get on the rug. Usually mine don't p**p outside of the box, it is only occassionally and it is mostly when the litter is "well used" before the second cleaning of the day.( I scoop their four boxes twice a day, once in the am and once before bedtime.)
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Cosmo does the same thing. It could be b/c Buffy is a kitten and is only playing. Maybe she will outgrow it. I do the same things that jugen recommended. I have covered litterboxes and I scoop the litter once a day. Buffy sounds cute!

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Thanks for the suggestions- Yes Buffy is cute- We call her the Psycho kitty-(with reason) We're going to try the mat and since she has allergies, we thought maybe the litter we were using is not acceptable,(she sneezes alot after leaving the box) so we are switching to a pellet type and see if the combination might help. I'm crossing my fingers it works- again thanks
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I go to walmart and buy those big plastic tubs, the kind you can slide under the bed. I fill those with cat litter. The cats love the extra room, the smell doesn't congregate all in one area so they have plenty of fresh litter to do their business in. Sure I have to buy more litter then normal, but to me it is worth it.
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