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Callie Has a Bladder Infection and Arthritis

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What a stressful couple of weeks it's been for us! Last Monday, almost 2 weeks ago, I took Callie (approx. 10 yo tortie) to the vet because she was urinating on the carpet in the living room. They took a urine specimen, did the dip-stick test and discovered that she had high bacteria in her urine. The doctor also said her bladder was swollen. Kept her for the day, did a complete blood work up (all normal) and sent the sample off to the lab for a urinalysis and it showed no UTI, everything normal. She also got a depo-something or other shot (depo-medrol?). Sent us home with a week's worth of Amoxicillin and instructions to call and schedule a re-check in 10-14 days. Monday night she was much perkier and she continued to improve through the week.

Over the weekend, I noticed that she was uncomfortable...hesitant to jump, walking slowly, staying to herself, being anti-social, grumpy and fussy, didn't really want to be touched esp. near her hips, whiney (which she NEVER is), wasn't coming to me when called for nighttime treats, didn't want to be picked up, and she just looked like she was in pain. Mother's instinct told me she wasn't feeling well, but decided to wait it out and finish up her antibiotic since she was alert, had a VERY healthy appetite, using the litterbox faithfully with normal amounts of urine and all that stuff.

This past Thursday I called to schedule her follow-up urine check for early next week and was told the vet was gone to a conference Friday until next Tuesday. Spoke with one of the wonderful ladies there and told her of my other behavioral concerns. We decided I really needed to bring her in and have her checked officially for arthritis. Sure enough she was in pain, her hips were inflamed, and she even growled at the dr during the exam!! (She's normally very, very quiet at the vet's.) He gave her a one-time shot of Metacam for the pain and she seems to be doing better.

About a month ago, we started her on glucosamine because we noticed she was slowing down and stiff after laying down. We started her on Syn-Flex, which my DH takes, but she refused to take the full dose, so we're working up to it. Currently, she gets 6 drops 2x/day. We also started her on Cosequin, one capsule 2x/day. The doctor was impressed that we already had started her on these and told me to continue the Syn-flex and Cosequin.

I have to take in another specimen early next week to check the urine, then we go next Friday for another follow up appointment. I think this cat has been to the vet's more this year than in all the years I've had her!!

For those of you with older, arthritic cats what is the best way to control the pain? I've read most of the articles and posts when I searched for arthritis, so I have a lot of information about treating arthritis, but not much about the pain.

Sorry this has turned out so long, but thanks for reading.

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I hate to be doom and gloom, but my vet told there was not much that could be done for cats with arthritis. I had a 14 year old diabetic that first had arthritis symptoms April, 2005. The arthritis progressed at a very fast rate for her. By June, 2005 it was very painful for her. My vet gave me pain pills to give her. I think it helped with the pain but she just laid in the floor staring off into space. I didn't feel like keeping her zoned out was an option so I decided putting her to sleep was the best thing for her. I think her diabetes had a big impact on the fast progression of the arthritis. I am obviously no vet but I guess the key is to keep the inflammation minimized which keeps the pain to a minimum. My vet said there are not any drugs to treat inflammation in cats. I have a cat that just started Duralactin 1 week ago for his arthritis. I think it seems to be helping. My vet told it helped with chronic inflammation.
Sorry if I am rambling.
Good luck with Callie!
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If she has a favorite place she sleep, get her a snuggle safe.
It's a gel filled disk that you heat for 5 minutes in the micro, it stay warm for up to 12 hours.
Wrap it in a towel and put it where she likes to sleep.

Heat does wonders for arthritis pain.
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