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My cat licks window blinds???

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I have two cats, litter mates, 4.5 years old, one male and one female. The male cat seems to enjoy licking the window blinds. I became aware of his behavior because he generally would do it every morning and I figured he was just trying to wake me up. However, I have observed him doing it at other times during the day. He has done this almost since I brought him home from the shelter when he was just a kitten. My first house had plastic blinds, this house has metal and he licked them both. He will do it when the blinds are open but does it more frequently and for a longer time when they are closed. Any ideas why he might enjoy this activity and more importantly, would there be any sort of risk to him? Thank you.
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I'm not sure really. Noodles licks my curtains a lot. I just guessed they had a salty taste or something. Really I have no idea for sure.
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Hmm Midnight loves to lick plastic bags. I think there is something in them. As long as it doesnt hurt the why not!
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I have a cat that licks fabric. She'll be cleaning and her tongue will wonder off and then she'll be licking the couch/bedsheets/carpet... She also licks windows, almost fanatically. No idea why. Are your blinds dusty? It's gross, but maybe your cat likes licking dust? Or maybe your cat just likes the texture of your blinds.
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Zakk did this for awhile- we have the window shades that roll down. I've heard that plastic has some sort of oil in it that they like the flavor of. As long as there is no lead in the metal shades and he isn't injesting the blind and he doesn't do it constantly I don't see any harm. We had to roll the windows up b/c the noise was REALLY annoying.
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I wouldn't worry about it, Trout licks EVERYTHING and she is a healthy girl. She will literally lick anything including socks, windows, clothes, furniture, the toilet, the floor, feet...etc..She licks blinds too.

Just as long as the kitty isn't licking anything toxic then I think it's probably fine.
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I had a cat who did that too. I have metal blinds and he used to lick them frequently. I was never sure whether it was a behavioural thing or whether he just liked the taste of them!
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