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Since I dont know Momma's due date or when she got pregnant I was thinking of taking her into my work for x rays. Would this be too stressfull for her? Lasttime I took her in she was fine, not scared, and actually was still affectionate and wanted pets. I'd like to see how big the babies are and possibly how many there are, then I would kind of know around what date she will deliever. Should I take her in for x rays?
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If you work at a vets office, ask the vet what is recommended. It seems to me that an x-ray could possibly harm the kittens, but my current foster got x-rayed (before I got her), and all her kits are fine. Of course the x-ray showed 4 kittens, and she had 6 kittens!
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Can you take her in on your day off, so she doesn't have to stay too long? We always do an x-ray before a C-section so we don't miss anyone on the birth canal (it has happened), one x-ray here and there won't hurt anything.
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A vet should be able to tell approximately by feeling and looking at her size and nipples, etc. Why would you want to subject her to the radiation of x-rays if it wasn't absolutely necessary? Even if the kittens are born fine, the radiation always has the possibility of affecting them later in life.

I would recommend it if there was something wrong, but just to find out when, nobody can tell you for sure. Most of the time someone experienced with queens can give you an approximation.

Why take the chance? If it were safe, techs would need to protect themselves, and dentists wouldn't make you wear those heavy lead thingies to protect your body, and ask if you are pregnant. It's the same for cats.
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My vet said 6 maybe 7 crap I hope there is no more
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Wow momof3..that is a load! is this her 1st litter (might have missed a post or two)? And if so, are you going to help her? I've heard that that many kittens can be quite a bit for a new mommy.
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Yes first litter and am here for all the help I can get. She is getting really big and very uncomfortable. I took her with me this weekend to the hotel because I was worried about her being alone.
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