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I really don't understand?

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I've still got a big eating problem between, Missy, Simba and Star.

They all orginally ate Whiskas adult and kitten for Simba and Star this was back in january i came here when they stopped eating it, vet checked them said there fine try some different foods.I tried all the top brands Nutro, Cosma, and all ones on a website I was advised, they barely ate none of it, even the dry.

I went to my local pets at home, and the only thign they would it was Arthurs wet, and Science plan natures best.

All of a sudden they woudln't eat there wet, and only ate there dry.

I been going through all brands of wet, any you can name if i can get hold of it i've tried it, and they wont eat it, i tried to get them to eat Hi life, and nutro for weeks and they woudln't soon enough they've got bored of the natures best as it was all they were getting as they woudlnt eat nothing else.

I saw a box of a brand by Purina which is no better than felix called Goumet, i thought i'd try it as they werent eating and I was worried. there so fussy.

Sure enough they eat this quite well, Star prefers the dry and he's still good at eating this, however Missy and Simba, do enjoy it abit but leave alot, and aren't going for there dry, everything other brand i've got, whiskas felix, all the good ones like nutro, they sniff walk off, i was giving it to them for days and they just refused to eat it.

only thing they will have is abit of gourmet but it's really expenisve for what it is, it's not a good quality food and it's 4 pounds for 12 sachets of 85g.

I'm wondering is it they are not going for these new wet foods as they actually now prefer dry? no matter how hard i;m trying puttign treats in micng gravy and meat in they leave the wet food and pick round it.

there fine and active in them selves it's like there just being fussy with me.

My mum said try some other brand of cheap dry, as all the hugh quality they wont eat.

I don't really want them ona cheap dry brand, I worry about there health the vet said there perfectly healthy and it's strange there fussy at this young age.

It's like all of a sudden they stop eating it.

What do you suggest? i've tried all brands i can think of, apart from Iams i don't really like that make and thats just as dear as gourmet and it's not really that great looking at ingredients comapred to felix etc.

I feel really upset I feel like i don't know which they prefer, and if i'm trying to get them to eat wet and they just simply dont like it.
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are they inside/outside cats?

we thought Jupiter was being a fussy eater but it turned out he was eating dinner at a neighbours house too so would only eat the food i gave him if it was very tempting such as tuna! lol!
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There all Indoor only, so I know there only getting what i'm giving.

I'm going out to resort to get some Whiskas dry as I remember her loving that, if she eats I can maybe try weaning her onto a better dry, it's like they all are hungry they come down for it I put what i've got down and they always lick abit and walk off,

In wet, i've tried pate, jelly, gravy, varitys, supermeat as well. I just don't get it, I've never had this kind of problem with cats before, Ollies not fussy at all, hes a total wet lover, he doesn't enjoy dry, my cats in heaven they used to enjoy a micture and were never fussy.

I've tried leaving it and for them over night, in the morning thrywill be asking for food with there bowls full!! maddness lol!
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Mine are fed James Welbeloved dry and Hi-life wet, Chloe and Tolly really liked the J.W. duck but it made Daisy sick. So as Daisy sleeps downstairs I got some Olli chicken and duck and have a bowl of that upstairs for the other two, They love it, and the ingredients seem reasonable, (Fresh chicken 26 o/o,chicken meal, rice, corn, chicken oil,duck meal, chicken liver,fish meal, beet, egg powder, yeast, minerals.)


PS Tesco and Asda sell Olli £1.79 for 400g
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James wellbeloved they don't like. i've tried that, it's a same i like the ingredients in their foods,

Olli i've seen this food, I;ll have to try some of the dry, thanks very much only thing I've not tried i think! hehe.
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Though we'd like for them to eat a high-quality diet, sometimes that just doesn't work out. Feed your kitties the best food that they'll eat - it does them no good to get a high quality diet they're not eating after all!
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I've had cats in the past that actually seem to want a variety. They wouldn't even eat their favorites if I fed it to them more than once or twice in a row.

Perhaps getting two or 3 brands and changing it, or mixing some of what they really like with a less expensive brand might help.

Someone told me to check out Walmart's premium brand (NOT special kitty -- they make one called maxxim or something like that, you'll find it next to the iams and more expensive brands, and the ingredients are very high quality but it's not expensive at all.

Another thing my cats love, but it's a bit expensive for me, is the new Fancy Feast dry cat food. What I'll do is mix it with another, so they get some, it lasts a lot longer, and then they'll eat the other more readily.

Good luck.
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Have you tried any of the Royal Canins???
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I have tried Olli, and I couldn't get my female to eat it after 2 days unless it was mixed with something else, so that was a bit pointless. I quite like the ingredients of Purina One too. Olli do a wet food too, but the ingredietns are just the same as FElix and it is mega expensive. My fussy female will only eat HiLife and Gourmet Pearl as she prefers dry, but I make her have both (she did have cystitis last year).

You could maybe give them purely dry and then give them wet once a week, and try gradually building it up?
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