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Mistaking my hand for a toy?

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Hi all, Well Lexi is doing really well; playing up a storm with all of her toys, and especially her wand toys. I was sitting on the floor the other day pretending to play with one of her mice - fingers closed and cupped and pushing it around (I had done this a lot a month or so ago when she seemed clueless as to what to do with her toys - thought I could teach her). Lexi was laying about 8 inches away watching me and decided to swat my hand about 4 times - nothing serious or painful, actually kind of funny, just the way she would swat a toy, with her nails out. But regardless, I was wondering if I should discontinue playing with her in this manner. I mean, is it possible for her to begin to consider my hand as a toy? Or was she just wanting me to keep my paws off of her toys?! I would love to be able to pet her eventually (and she is making great progress in that area, as well) so I would hate for her to think it's expected or acceptable for her to to behave like that toward my hands, rather than just letting me pet her without a reaction. All advice, as always, is greatly appreciated!

- Kathy
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It is a problem wellknown with kitties. They gnawing (biting) hands during play.

If they do it carefully it doesnt need to be a problem, they grow out of it.
Both our home cats did so.

If they do it hard (ie biting so you have real pain) - the medicine is not to play with hands but with toys. toys are to be chased, not hands.

And you can of course yell a little to show it hurts. Or even hiss a little. Like a cat-pal or sibling or cat mom would do.
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Lexi, according to her vet, is between 6 and 7 years old - could she still grow out of it? I'm not sure what those years consisted of, but for the longest time she didn't even seem to know what toys were. This may be her first exposure to them, and I'd hate to let her think that my hand is just another toy.
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This is why I talk about kitties - although I understand she is grown up - as she is apparently new to this.

If this bothers you - do avoid using hand as toy...

I dont get it quite. she gets you with her pawns - claws out but NOT painfully?

Claws in would be quite OK of course, but as long she is aware she must be careful and easy - it is probably OK, althought you will be scratched some now and then... Not good if she perhaps plays with a small child sometimes..
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Yes, I know it sounds crazy, as her claws are out but it doesn't hurt. What she does is tap on my hand, not swipe or scratch.
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