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tiny licks water funny/backwards

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I have a Male cat Tiny that we got from some neighber that got him to young that he almost died he is allmost 10 months now.
Problem is when he drinks water or milk instead of laping under his tung like cats are suposed to he does it like a dog on top and splashes it all over the place and when he drinks it takes him a long time compared to my other four to get satisfied. how obnormal is this. and is it going to be a health problem.
thank you
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How often does he go to drink? Some cats take short but often water stops a day. Others drink like only twice a day but it takes a long time until they are satisfied. It also depends on the weather which affect their thirst.
About the way he drinks, other members with more experience will be able to answer you.
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Our babes have each their own preference in how they drink water. Sunny drinks rather loudly, takes a bit of time, and drinks from the side of the dish...whereas Hobbes is near silent, doesn't drink as long, and almost always winds up sticking his paw in (for some reason...I think he likes licking it off his paw). They both get satisfied in their drinking, but just drink in different ways. I think Sunny drinks like your boy, and that's why it takes longer for her to drink what she'd like.

I don't think you have anything to worry about.
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my tiny he drinks as often as the other cats but like i siad he laps with the top of his toung like a dog not under his toung like other cats its strange and boy does he make a mess cause he splashes it all over.
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Originally Posted by turretman1st
Problem is when he drinks water or milk
I hope you mean cat milk, as regular milk is not good for cats.

So long as he's healthy and is drinking I wouldn't worry too much about his style.
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It might be that his tongue does indeed lap that way could be a type of birth defect thing. You are right cats tongues do curl under when thay lap not up..
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I remember reading somewhere that if you film a cat drinking and run it in slow motion they all drink by lapping under/backwards.

Some are just messy drinkers.
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Yes right cats lap with their tongues going down and under..
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down and under is right and tiny is the only cat i have ever in my 50 years have seen drink with the top like a dog.
as for milk what does it do to them ???
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Cats (and most humans) have a very difficult time digesting cow's milk. A lot of them are lactose intolerant (like humans) and wind up getting indigestion or diaherria from it.

Here are a couple articles I found that you can read about it.




You can also google "cats and milk" or some such to read up on it.

Hope that answers the question!
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I wonder if you could give your cat lactose-free milk made for humans? Or soy milk, maybe?...
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Why give milk at all?
Milk is for infant animals and should be from their own species.
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