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Bengal Cat Rescues Closing the Doors

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I received this email. If anyone has room to foster a Bengal Cat, please email PJ at pjhoff@cablespeed.com. These cats can be very "dog like" in temperament, love playing in water and are just gorgeous.

Here is just one of many websites to show their beauty...


Here is the email...

Those of you who have been keeping up with this BCR list have heard
that there are many, many bengals needing rescue. More needing
rescue than there are spaces for them in foster homes. BCR knows of
more than just owners not wanting their bengal any longer. We have
bengals that are in danger for their lives.

In some areas of the U.S., our Area Coordinators have had to tell us
on the list that they CAN NOT take any more bengals into their
They CAN NOT pull any bengals from shelters even when bengals are in
danger of being Put To Sleep.
They CAN NOT take bengals out of dangerous home situations.
They CAN NOT take a bengal in who is roaming the streets looking,
seeking a loving home to belong to.
They CAN NOT - WHY - because they don't have enough foster homes.
They do not have people willing to open up a room in their home.
They don't have people who are stepping forward and offering to give
food and shelter and love to a bengal for a while - until the right
forever home is found.

BCR has been rescuing bengals through this list almost 4 years. If
we can't find fosters and homes for these cats, we might as well
close the list. It's not working any more.

The Area Coordinators for the Great Lakes Region, the States of
California and Oregon, Mid Atlantic regions have CLOSED THEIR DOORS
to Bengals in need - They have no more space available. They already
have 2 or 3 rescued bengals in a room. They have to say NO to needy

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - take a look around your home. Do you have a
quest room, or basement or laundry room you can share?? for a little
while, to help a bengal until he or she finds a forever family??
Maybe, now that it is getting warmer, a place in the garage. Talk to
your family tonight at dinner.

PLEASE contact me and let me know where you live and that you have
found a place you can use to give a bengal or two a safe haven for a
little while. I will forward it to the area coordinators - please
don't just post to the list - sometimes it might get missed.
If you have volunteered before but haven't heard back yet - tell me.
The AC's will probably interview you or send you a foster form. That
is used to let us know how you can help - not everyone can take a
pregnant bengal or a bengal needing medications.

PLEASE =^,,^= help a bengal smile.

PJ <><
Moderator of BCR & Assist Contact of BRN
post to bengalcatrescue@yahoogroups.com
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Have you tried contacting general rescue groups?

I know that the rescue group I foster for will usually put a purebred cat up near the front of the list because they know they can get a home for it a lot quicker than a mixed breed cat.

Many people will contact rescue groups regarding purebreds when they may not know there are specific breed rescue groups and they sometimes have lists of people waiting to hear of a specific breed cat available.

I would love to but I have a full house right now, 4 in a 1-bedroom apartment. But if this is really on the level, please pm me and I will be happy to talk to my rescue group about anything they might be able to do.
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I wish I could help, but I'm in Richmond and I've already brought a cat home. Another would not sit well with my mom. If I had my own place, I'd take in two or three, but I don't have a place yet.
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Are there any in eastern NC?
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Any in Idaho or Washington???
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I sent an email but I don't know if I can be of any help since I live in rural Nebraska. I would be happy to help.

I would probably wind up adopting one. I get attached very quickly.
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I'd love to, but the Inn is full and I'm already over-committed to a rescue for injured and abused stray standard-breed cats.

Best of luck, though! All kitties need love
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