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Why does she keep moving them to my bed ?
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Shes prob wants a comfy dark place to put them.
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Wher She had them was a dark place now she keeps putting them on my bed she sleeps there with me every night.

I just snaped a pic

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She's moving them to your bed because that's where she feels safer, whether it's temperature, or traffice, or whatever.

Can you put the box on the bed and sleep with it there fora night or two and then try to put it back in a warm, darkish place?
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I think this is precious and would consider it an honor that she feels the most secure spot for her babies is by your side!
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yeah I'll try that they are 1 weeks now shouldn;t they start climing out of the box/nest soon anyways?
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Yeah it is kinda awsome that she lets me be so clode to her and the kittens
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ok 2 nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night and there they were mama and one baby in my ( I think I woke up in the middle of the moving session) my hubby was at work . then whene he gt home around 7am he woke me up saying HELP its on me get it off it was one of the kittens he was so scared of hurting it he freaked So I moved mam and babies to the living room under a table where they could hide. She tried to take them in the bedroom all day yesterday but I kept the door closed ,todayshe seems contentin her new place I hope she stays there I am so afraid of rolling over on a baby
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SHe loves her mommy and want to show her she is a good mommy too
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