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Never-ending Heat

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So a week from last Saturday Meeka came into her first heat since losing the litter. My fiance got to deal with her as I was headed to NH on vacation. Well the following Wednesday she came out of heat, that is pretty normal period for her. Well as of yesterday (not more than 8 days later) she is officially back in heat again. I didn't realize this could happen so fast! She is determined so she will be going to the breeders. Most likely she will come out of heat and won't be receptive to the male for a while anyway but how soon! I thought give her another 5 weeks after her first and catch her on her second heat... But one week between heats? Geesh. I guess its prime-season!
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I have heard of such fast cycles. I wonder if it may indeed be the combination of the time of year and her unique situation having lost a litter.
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Yeah I think its the time of the year (spring) and they would cycle quicker. That's why sometimes its hard to schedule a spay cause the darn female keeps coming in and out of heat and you have to try and get inbetween that time.

Good luck on trying for a successful litter again.
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My queen is in heat constantly. For about 3 weeks she is in heat for about a week of that she is in heavy heat with the yowling and backing into things and rubbing. She has about a week she is fine then it starts all over again. She is aweful, the worst cat I have ever seen, but has easy pregnancies, the
labor isn't too hard on her, and delivery has gone pretty smoothely and quickly until this litter, she also produces great kittens with great temperments. She takes exceptional care of them too, so I put up with the heats. If she wasn't such a great breeding queen I would spay her
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Females heat in mating season can even come to 3 days breaks between cycles.

If you do not plan on letting her get pregnant yet, do keep a close eye on her health and weight since over heating doesn't do good with these factors.

In addition, keep a good eye on her behavior cause payometra is also a problem and it can develop 3 weeks after heat is over (even if new one began).
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I have been breeding my himalayan and after having a c-section she went into heat when her first litter was 5 wks old . The vet told me to wait 6 months for her to heal properly before breeding again. She went into heat 1week on 1 week off for the whole 6 months and the longer it went on the more intense the heats got, it was awful, anyway we bred her after 6 months and she had to have another c-section so we spade her. Those heats can be wicked, although I also have a ragdoll and her heats are great she is increasingly lovable and because she is a quiet cat she doesn't yowl, so I guess they are all different.
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We are going through the same thing here as well. All the Raggies girls are in heat, and since they each have a different meow, we have a musical quartet going, (sometimes more) Our Raggies howl and yowl, and chirp and whirrl, it is amazing how many noises they can make. Our Lucy has a special talent of saying "hello" while she is in heat.
It seems everyone is in heat more than out. The joys of breeding.
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We tried bringing her to the breeder again. We took things really slowly but she kept attacking the breeder. She is not happy to be away from the home. So we brought her home. A week after being home she came into heat. If I breed her now then she would be due in the middle of our honeymoon so I need to wait as long as possible. She is so desperate. We will have to once again bring the stud to her.
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I feel for you so,

Try this - put her in a cold, DARK room with lights on or sunshine for only max five hours a day immediately after the end of her next heat. It mimics winter - and cats are less likely to go in heat in the wintertime.

This has worked for me - as you can imagine, my country is hot and bright all the year round - Abys, being short haired go into heat really quickly! It's a bit unfair to the cat but it's better than putting her on the pill...
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My Katie {silver persian} had been coming into heat all this year, one week on, one week off and the heats were intense. She would be constantly making rrrr sounds and rrrrrrrow! sounds and also the howling and rubbing and walking weird and crouching with her butt in the air and her tail to the side. She also couldn't stop hopping on my lap no matter what I was doing. She was bred and now I'm just enjoying the quiet time before the kittens!
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You all might talk to your Vets about having your females stimulated into believing the've been bred.Most experienced Vets are usually more than willing to assist their Breeder Clients with advise on performing this simple proceedure themselves at home.Hope this helps you and those poor kitty's with their constantly cycling and risks of pyometria.
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