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In recent months my cat, Peachey, was discovered to have cancer. At first I thought it was isolated to one tumor which was removed. A month later it was discovered that this was not the case.

Peachey was the best cat I have ever had, we had an understanding between each other and a perfect relationship.

At this time I don't have words to say much more than this.

I will miss him terribly.

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Immortal, I am so sorry to hear Peachey has gone to the rainbow bridge. I know you will miss him terribly. There is nothing I can say that will take your hurt away.

Please take comfort knowing that he lived a good pampered life full of love, and that he is very grateful that you were unselfish enough in your love of him that you allowed him to go to the bridge when it was time.

Our thoughts are with you.
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I am sorry to hear of Peachy's passing but at least he knew you loved him and he knows you did the best for him. **HUGS**
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I'm so sorry to hear about Peachy. From everything that you wrote about him, he sounded like a wonderful friend. He's watching over you now as your kitty guardian angel.

You gave him a wonderful life, and he gave you all the love he could. Be comforted by the wonderful times you had together.
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I felt pretty good all today but as it gets into the evening I really feel his absence. I always hugged him while I watched tv and he curled in my bed when I read before bed. I shall miss him for a long time.
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Its really nice to have this section to post messages in. I seem to go off and on, I miss my cat then I am fine, then I miss him. I find myself so used to calling him that when I call my other two cats my first instinct is to say "Peachey".
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Immortal-I'm so sorry to hear that Peachey has gone to the rainbow bridge. No words can take away the pain and sadness that you feel. Just remember that he is waiting for you.
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Immortal~ I am hoping that these last few days have eased your pain.
That is a wonderful picture of your babe. Peachy was magnificant!
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Its gotten a bit better but I still miss him. He was like a big teddy bear, an armful, I miss hugging him still
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