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Odd, aren't they?

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With so many posts about cats and odd behavior, I thought I'd ask what kinds of oddities others experience.

My cat, Clea, use to fall asleep on top of our refrigerator. We have a tall one, close to the ceiling type. It's a marvel how she got up there. We'd be searching and see her and gasp. It's one of those things you just stare at for a minute. There was no real way to train her against it, and honestly we didn't mind much. She grew out of the "phase" eventually. Now she sticks to tables and counters.

Your cats?
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My baby, Ivory (Bug), has the strangest way of getting into bed with me.
I keep a body pillow laying in the middle of the bed, it's primary function is to keep my large, bed hog of a dog from kicking me out of bed.

Bug has to jump up on my side of the bed, then she lays across my legs.
After a few minutes, she starts pawing at the body pillow.
A few minutes more, she really starts killing the pillow and shoving her head under it.

After much kicking, grunting and hissing, she completely dives under the pillow and slowly worms her way out on the other side.

She does all of this simply to get to her prefered spot on the bed, which is at the foot on the opposite side.
And she does it every night without fail.

She's an adorable weirdo.
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I remember QT found a discarded shoebox that obviously once cased a pair of children's shoes. She insisted she liked to nap in it even though only half of her could fit. But she pawed it, kicked it, scratched it, wiggled in and out of it. The box of course started falling apart. After several minutes, the box just opened flat. Well, it satisfied her, she curled herself in a ball that covered the flattened cardboard completely.
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Clawing at the furniture, getting her claws stuck, and I'll come over and she'll give me the "uh oh" look and frantically try to get her paw unstuck. I'll walk over and tickle her all over and say "GOTCHA!" and she'll give out the most pitiful meow, haha, and I'll unstuck her claw for her.
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That's so cute-- Arlyn, yayi, and Lemur 6. Don't you love cats for their quirks like that?
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Zakk is the only cat that dares to jump on the top of the fridge. There is only really a little ledge for him b/c it has cabinets built around and on top of it. My husband showed him he could sit there and he now goes up and watches everybody. Rocky likes to jump on you like a dog and "beg" for attention- not food! I have been trying to get Suzie to take treats out of my hand with her mouth like the others- she is too nervous, but will try to swipe it out of my hand with her paw- it's so cute I give in and drop it. One time she really pricked me with her little claws. Cookie is just sweet- no funny nuances yet, but he joined Zakk in the "eat on the counter when wet food is first served" club.
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I had a 1/2 devon rex cat (HHP) that used to grab the banister and slide down - never got a video of it, but would have been a winner in America's Funniest Videos!

And Ling is nutty. She hates you to close a door and keep her out - will scream at the door and try to open it. If you do open it, 1/2 the time she just turns and walks away....
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My one cat Fatty insist's on showering with me daily. We have a plastic see thru curtain liner that goes on the inside of the tub and a cloth on that goes on the outside. He Wiggles his way between the two and sits on the tub edge, and just watches, lol. He also has an obsession with sitting on my lap when I use the toilet. (disturbing, yes, lol.) When guests come over and use the washroom he always manages to sneak in as they're closing the door and attempts to get on their laps as well. You can imagine the gasps and shrieks comming from behind that closed door. lol.

so in conclusion, cats are weird. and yes, some come a little too close for comfort, lmao.
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Henri has a nice little habit of systematically knocking everything off of my nightstand if she gets into the bedroom. ONLY the nightstand. And its not because she wants to sleep on it or anything, its just for the sake of making a mess.

Samuel gets his claws stuck all the time, usually in my pantleg or the couch. Then he'll just sit there and look at me sadly until I stop whatever I'm doing and get him unstuck.
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Originally Posted by GirlSetsFiyah
My one cat Fatty insist's on showering with me daily. We have a plastic see thru curtain liner that goes on the inside of the tub and a cloth on that goes on the outside. He Wiggles his way between the two and sits on the tub edge, and just watches, lol. .
My Smoochie does that too! And you'd better look out, because when you get out, she jumps in your arms (always put the towel over my front first!)

My oldest cat sleeps in front of my toilet at night and then alternates between there and snuggling in my bed . She also LOVES to play in the sheets when I'm making the bed, but she gets so rough- and looks so terrifyingly insane

- that sometimes I have to finish later and just let her have them!

Smoochie only goes outside at night and only for a couple of hours (has taken her 5 years to visit with us in the den-she sleeps upstairs all day and runs through the den like the boogie man lives there (on her way to the food bowl )

My second oldest LIKES my toddler and volunteers to sit with her and be "petted". She also likes loud noises and motors -like the UPS truck and our generator -had to warn the UPS man to check his truck before he leaves!

And Butterbean (the white one) wants you to walk her to the food bowl and pick her up (she couldn't reach it when she was little )

I could go on, they're all so weird- they're cats!
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Much has this strange quirk and Lucy learned it also. Instead of rubbing against my legs like cats are prone to do, they come up, then lean their hip into me and just stand there with me supporting them.
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I've really enjoyed reading all these. Every one of them is always so unique.

Sorry this is so long, but I have 3 weird-butt cats. I seem to always have strange animals who do very strange things. LOL

Deja Vu has always done this strange thing with one of her paws. When she walks, she'll sometimes stop, pick up that foot, do what looks like pointing her toe, then daintily touches it down on the floor. Then she puts it down in the normal position, and continues walking. When she does it, she looks like one of those prancing horses in that prance pose with the bent knee. She's been looked at, and there's nothing wrong with her leg. She's just weird. LOL She uses that paw for lots of things. When she begs for food she looks like a dog giving its paw. She'll paw in the air with it, and I began doing the same thing back to her saying Hi So now she waves hi. LOL She'll pull my hands face, etc. to her with that paw. It's her trademark.

Little Big Man fetches (as do my other two) but he does something strange when he does. He likes to fetch the fishing rod toy with the strings or feathers on the end. He'll bring it to me to play with him for a bit, then I'll throw it, he'll bring it back, I'll dangle it a bit, throw it, bring it back, etc., etc. However, when he's had enough playing he'll take the string part in his mouth and start to pull the toy out of my hand. I usually hold onto it for a bit, and he'll keep pulling and pulling like a dog would play tug of war, all the while looking me right in the eye, until I finally let go. Then he takes it to another room and leaves it there until he's ready to play again, at which time he'll bring it back (or if I ask him to bring it back).

Rocky Rockette has a few interesting indiocyncracies. She loves to watch the toilet flush and will dash from anywhere the minute she hears anyone go. And waits until you stand up to stand up on the seat and watch the water go down. I flush it for her sometimes even if I don't use the bathroom just to give her a thrill. LOL

She also does this other weird thing I call playing Nadia Comenichi On My Rocking Chair. I have an early american rocker that has the slates going up, a bar across, and another bar across so there are squares of open spaces between the two bars. She gets up on the very top bar, hangs over by her stomach, reaches through one of the holes with her paws, sticks her nose and cheeks through the square opening, grabs her tail so she's actually like a ring around the top bar. It's not to play with her tail. She just hangs like that. What she does like is if I sometimes wiggle her tail for her, but I don't need to do that for her to play nadia comenichi.

One of the funniest things about this is she loves it when I say "I just wanna pinch those kitten cheeks, just gotta pinch 'em," and proceed to pinch (gently of course) her cheecks that are sticking through the hole. She starts to purr. She's so weird. LOL

One other really strange and extremely funny thing she does is if I start singing to her, she'll sit down and stare at me while I sing (I have a terrible voice LOL), but while I'm singing she starts conducting with her ears. Both ears are moving in very different directions randomly, one up the other down, one up and facing backwards, one flat down and to the side, etc, etc., She keeps moving them all around like this, always each ear in a different position than the other, in time to the music in all different positions. If I stop singing, she stops, gets up and walks away. I just have to sing to get her to do this, and her favorite song for it is Dona Dona (an old folk song often sung in summer camps). I have no clue where or how she learned this or why. I've never seen it before. It's absolutely hysterical.

I have a neighbor who is schizophrenic, and has some serious problems staying with the present at times, but she absolutely loves to see this. She'll come over to see him "conduct." It makes her laugh, and it always focuses and brings her back in if she's having a bad day. And I know it's working when she finally says, "That Rocky, she tickles me."

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Trout likes to hide in the weirdest place..On top of the hangers with clothes on them, inside the closet. She somehow crawls in behind and lays in there on the hangers. One time I lost her for hours and that's where she was.
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Skittles has to sleep on my hair unless under something and she has to have her eyes covered...

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Butterbean rolls up and covers her eyes when I've disturbed her nap and she'd really rather I went away! Oddly enough, I basicly do the same to her (covers over my head !
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I don't know if this is unusual, but when Cindy eats dry food, she will pull one piece from the bowl with her paw and eat it on the floor. I used to have a bigger stainless steel bowl that I didn't fill all the way up. I thought maybe she was having trouble getting her face down in there, so I bought a small glass bowl that holds just one cup. Even when it's totally full, she still uses her paw. She also uses her paw to get a drink of water.

Sometimes around 4:00 AM she'll decide she wants to eat. When she wasn't feel good recently and not eating, I spoiled her by getting up on demand when she finally did feel like eating. Anyway, she will wake my husband up by kneading on him or some such, so that he will wake me up to get her food (I'm the one who feeds them). I don't know if I'm just too hard to wake up or what Occasionally when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I'll come out to find them both lined up waiting to get fed (They eat in the upstairs hallway right outside my bathroom).

Swanie likes to go on rides. His latest thing is to get into the waste basket in hubby's office and be carried around the house in it. Sometimes he gets into my pantry when I have an 8-pack of paper towels and sits on top of it waiting for me to slide the package out (I did this once to get him out of there, and I guess he liked it). He will also get on the bath mat and we will drag him out of the bathroom on it.
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My parents had Ragdoll cats that LOVED to ride on the upside down bathroom rug, and for us to go so fast they would get slung off around the corners, then they would run and jump back on and go again!

My bottle baby Smoochie used to like to ride the laundry cart from the bedroom to the kitchen, but now, she won't rideshare with my toddler!
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Originally Posted by momof3rugratz
Skittles has to have her eyes covered...
That is such a sweet picture

Gracie covers her eyes too.
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Cute yes but man is she grumpy when woken up.
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Bubbles is odd, but in weird ways. He is also one of those cats who get a thrill from watching the toilet water disappear. Especially if I cleaned the cat toilet. Like he wants to make sure it is really gone. On the other hand, the only water he will drink is from the toilet.
He likes to sleep with his body under the covers and his head next to me on the pillow, but I am not allowed to breathe, otherwise I get a swat

Gizmo likes to sit on people shoulders.He sits there for hours, sometimes even sleeps there. It doesn't matter if I am on the PC or walking about, he just wants to sit on my (or my daughters) shoulder. It is soooo sweet. Shame he will be too big for it soon. Makes me feel like a witch He also likes to sleep near the head. And lick ears (he doesn't seem to understand that it keeps us awake...)
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Originally Posted by catsallover
Butterbean rolls up and covers her eyes when I've disturbed her nap and she'd really rather I went away! Oddly enough, I basicly do the same to her (covers over my head !
Cindy covers her eyes too when she's sleeping. Sometimes when she stretches she will cross her paws over each eye. Swanie does that too occasionally.
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Mine all are odd when it comes to drinking.

Wowzer lays her right foot on top of the water and laps up the water on the right side of that foot... it's very akward looking.

Gracie only laps up the water from the far edge of the bowl, she actually licks the side of the bowl (farthest away from her) at the very top of the water line.

Nate lays down to drink (and likes to put his toys in the water)
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Oh, another thing my cat does that's wierd. Apparently my cat's a clean freak. After she finishes eating, she'll spend the next 5 minutes gathering all the crumbs toward the food bowl (looks like she's scooping litter after taking a poo). She also does this after using the litter box, she'll use the litterbox, cover up her stuff, and then sit in the litterbox and paw/scratch/scoop the entire area around the litter box I guess to gather all the stray litter toward the box.
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We had a cat that would sleep on the top of doors - yup, he would balance himself on the top edge of the door and nap.

Stumpy growls at you when he is sleeping on you and you move.

Koko has a toe fetish. It isn't simply playing with toes, she grabs you around the foot and licks your toes like there is no tomorrow. If you try to walk away, she grabs around your ankles and hangs on as you walk. She prefers my toes over everyone elses. Our theory: her brother is a polydactyl (more toes than normal) and in the womb, he had his toes in her face (LOL).
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