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Recommend any plants for your kitty?

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I was shopping around in a local store when I saw some flower pots, and it reminded me that cats like some plants. I browsed around the forum and got a list of plants that are toxic, but I want to know what my cat would like. I saw in a pamplet of what plants that cats do like, but before I get any of it, I decided it's better to hear everybody's opinion on good plants for their cats.

So everybody, please recommend me something for my kitty. And thank you.
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Do two pots of catnip (actually a rather pretty plant in it's own right).
Two or three pots of wheat and/or oat grass.

Other than those I will not leave any plants where my cats can get at them.
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I'm currently investing in fake plants right now (aside from what Arlyn posted). I've bought some in the past that turned out to be bad for them and my lovely Luna just loved to nibble on them!
So I promptly returned them and keep artificials around or real ones outside.
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Sierra and Serenity love their kitty grass!
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Kitty grass and catnip-- but you'll have to play around with what your cat likes. My cats refuse to touch kitty grass, but I keep buying it hoping they'll reconsider...
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Thanks for the replies, everyone. Just curious, would they let me plant catnip? *looks up catnip*
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I have been unsuccessful in keeping catnip/cat grass or any greener alive in my house since my cats have a compulsion to destroy and eat anything plant like (no matter how high i put it!). I have to grow it at work and bring it home on occasion.

Catnip is in the same family as mint, and grows just as quickly and spreads like crazy (so plant it in a pot if it's going outside...or you could be the favorite hangout for all cats everywhere!).
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Yes, your kitties would love to have freshly grown catnip! The challenge, as mentioned, is to keep it out of their reach until it's ready!
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When do you know it's ready and what's the best way to "harvest" it?

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