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this is cute, but curious

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Hi. This isn't a problem I'm just curious. I adopte my 4-yr-old nuetered boy Pumpkin 2 years ago. He's great companionship. He burrows into sheets, bags and blankets. He even burrows under my sofa cover when I'm sitting on my couch watching TV. Why doesn't he just sit next to me instead of burrowing.
He will also burrow under the sheets sometimes when I am in bed. Just wondering, what is the cause of this behavior. It's a cute habit.
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I think its fr warmth.

Patches likes to be under the blanket. Sometimes we have to force her under there though if she hasn't had a nap yet
Luna buries herself in a pile of clothes all the time. Nice and warm!
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Tommy did that, too. Also he was really into bags. I mean IN to bags. I agree it's probably just for warmth.
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It might also be an instinctual thing, or for comfort-- a small tight space all to themselves. It's intimate, especially if you're there with them. I had a friend who had persians and she would just put a blanket on top of them and they'd be contented. My cat is a bed hog.
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I honestly think it's a hide-&-seek game! They seem to have so much fun doing it, and I play along with mine, going 'Where's Goblin?' very exaggeratedly like you would with a little kid, and even though I know he can't possibly understand, he seems to, and after a minute he pounces out of being under whatever, and runs around as if he was laughing! Or else I give little pokes at him under the thing, and he pounces on those (and beware for your hands!).
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Of all the cats in my house, Stumpy is my burrower (Scarlett comes in second). He'll burrow whether we're in the blanket or not. He is a snuggler in general, and I think he just likes to be surrounded closely by something when he sleeps. Scarlett burrows only at night when we first go to bed.
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Our babes do this, too, if there's blanket to do it with. I think it's nice, warm, and comfortable for them, not to mention they like their alone time once in a while, and I think it provides that. Sometimes kitties like to feel nice and snug while they sleep, hence why they like kitty condos' little "caves". I think it makes them feel secure.
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Swanie sometimes burrows, particularly our bed when we are in it. He loves it if I pet him under the blanket and he really loves it if I stick my head under there with him. He purrs very loudly. I don't think it's for warmth necessarily, but I couldn't say what it is. Used to freak me out when we first got him, I was nervous he wasn't getting enough air under there
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