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Here I Come to Save the Day!!! SUPERCAT

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Guess what! I got promoted to SUPERCAT! Where is my cape? Can I fly now?? If you don't hear from me I'll be outside practising!!
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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No... It's super cat!!!

Ok scuse me :tounge2:, but congrats on your promition!
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Congratulations! :blubturq:
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Yea for Jeanie!!
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Jessica!! You got promoted too. Isn't that great? Party for Jessica!
Any excuse to play with the smilies!!
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Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now stop talking so much!!

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What is it that makes you a Super cat, SuperCat?


I'm new to this scene so allow me to introduce myself to everyone. My name is Jenny and I have four cats. Their names are Casper, Tabby, Sammy, and Nikki.
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See over by your name, where it says Kitten or Adult Cat, etc. Well, depending on how many posts you've made, it changes. Once you reach 700, you are a super cat, once you reach 1200 its a Top Cat.

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Congratulations Jeannie!!!!
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Yeah for Jeanie and Jessica!

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Thank you all for the party. I was trying out my cape today and flying around a bit. Here's what's going on:
Hissy was NOT taking it easy. She was tending to the animals. Her husband kept telling her he would do it, but she said, "No, I'm all right."
Bodlover was buying out all the furniture stores in Leicester and asking for faster delivery.
Jessica was partying because she made Supercat too, and was trying on her cape.
Debby finally slapped someone for rubbing her belly. Then she felt bad and apologized.
I saw a bunch of you talking baby talk to your cats. Ha! Just like me!
Well, I'm going to try out my cape some more. Watch for me. Oh, there goes Jessica now. Wait up, Jessica!!
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Geez, I donno about trying my cape out. I'm kind of scared of heights... Maybe if I don't look down....
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I got a kick out of your comment Jeanie, about me slapping someone for rubbing my belly! :LOL:

Hope you guys are having a blast flying around!!!
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Ohhhh darn!!1 I missed the parties!! Soory 'bout that guys..... had lots of shopping to do!! (Hey Jeanie, what did you think of the new suite bought??!?!? By the way - I liked your cape, but I really think you should stop wearing your underwear over your suit you know.....:LOL: )
Anyway, I'll just join the party a little late here.... WOOHOOOO to both of you!!!
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Oh my goodness! Did I have panty lines showing? They just don't make these superhero outfits the way they used to. Darned Spandex!*!*!* Grumble, mumble....Now, when someone tells me to make a flying leap I just won't do it....grumble, mumble.....
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