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A couple of food questions

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I have two questions. Actually, it turned out to be four questions.

First of all, there is a mama cat at the humane society that came from a bad situation. Not only can you feel all of her bones, you can see them, too. She will be a gorgeous cat someday. She is getting seperated from her kittens this weekend as she attacks people in an effort to protect the kittens. She scratched a woman interested in adopting her(the woman is no longer interested). The whole point to that story is: what kind of food would you suggest for her? I didn't know if she should still get kitten food if she is seperated from the kittens or not. Right now, she is on Puring Kitten Chow. Someone donated Natural Balance canned food, so she & the 6 babies get two cans of that a day. I have an 18# bag of Chicken Soup adult that I could bring some in to feed her, but would that be high enough in calories? I can get Nutro kitten, too. The pet store near me carries Nutro kitten, Chicken soup kitten, a very old bag of RC kitten, Diamond kitten, SD kitten, Euaknuba kitten, & Iams kitten. Then I can get the grocery store brands. This is me donating the bag of food. What everyone finds really funny is my concern for a cat that attacked me(twice).

My second question is: what can you tell me about Wysong? What about Timberwolf Organics? What exactly are these foods? Twitch won't hardly touch canned food anymore, so I thought about trying something different for her. I want something to give her to replace the canned food 2x a day. She still eats 50% dry food a day.

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If she likes the adult chn soup then give her the kitten... if not try Nutro or Rc

WYnsong has alot of "junk" ie wheat corn by products in some of there foods ... there au jus wet is great

Timberwolf is to complicated and I am not on the four food group type plan
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I'd tend towards giving her kitten food to fatten her up, but the Chicken Soup adult should be okay. I'm not familiar with Wysong, but feed Timberwolf:
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