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Odd Behavior

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My little one Kiki is about 7 months old and I think she thinks she is a dog. She carries everything in her mouth around the house. I mean everything. She is my first cat since being on my own. The cats I had growing up never did anything like this. She has a little toy mouse that she carries around and plays with. She takes off with papers, pens and anything she can fit in her mouth. It is not a problem for me, I think it is really cute and it is also funny. I am just wondering if this is normal. She also hides the stuff she takes. I usually find things in the oddest places around the house.

Another thing that she does that I wanted to share with everyone is that she loves to sleep with my guinea pigs. I have raised her since she was about 7 weeks old around my guinea pigs. Completely supervised of course. She has always been real gentle with them and very protective. I have six of them and all of them except one plays with her and snuggles with her. The one that doesn't like her just has a bad attitude, he hates everyone. He snaps at Kiki every now and then, it is quite funny. I keep the guinea pigs off limits when I am not around just in case she decides to harm them. I really don't think she would harm them because she is so protective of them. When they wheek out she goes and runs to the cage to check on them. At times she will lick and clean them. Should I stop her from being around them? I really don't see any harm and she has never acted agressive towards them.
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No one can predict an animal's behavior. I would think that if she hurts the guinea pig, it would probably be accidental. But I don't think anyone could give you a definitive answer.
My cats love ribbons. They try to take my book markers out of books, and any other bows or ribbon they can find. I had a kitten once who used to drag a big fluffy duster around-the kind you can get static on and telescope to reach ceiling fans-it had to be five times as long as he was. It hung way behind his back end as he waddled under the table to his lair! I'm sure he thought he was a mighty hunter!
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Nicki, my kitten used to do the same thing with carrying stuff around in her mouth. The most hilarious item was a 8-inch tall Rainbow Brite stuffed animal - it was bigger than she was!! She would drag Rainbow Brite around by the hair. I think it is perfectly normal behavior for kittens, who are always into everything in their own peculiar ways.
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