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Eye goobers

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Hey all. I usually use silica bead litter because my cat is pure white and clay litter makes him very dirty. A few months ago, however, I ran out of litter and happened to have a bunch of clay litter from an ex-roommate, so I decided to use the last of it. After a few days my cat developed huge black eye goobers, clay was stuck in his chin fur, and he was totally dirty. So, I went back to using the silica litter. The problem is that ever since then he still has black eye goobers. It's been months since I've used the clay litter and I've bathed him and had his fur shaved even, and he still has black eye goobers. I didnt want to pick them off and hurt his eyes, so I left them alone for a long time, thinking they would go away on their own... which they didnt, so i started picking them off, and the next day they are back. Is there anything I can do to prevent them? Or any tips on cleaning them so I dont hurt his eyes?
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Very frequent cleaning is your best bet. I use a rough washcloth or towel fragment, and plain clear water. Don't leave them too long as the skin underneath can get quite irritated.
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I don't think this is the litter. Some of my cats had eye goobers. Patches seems to clean her own eyes, but I have to clean Puppy daily. I have to clean his chin too because he gets blackheads. I just use a damp paper towel.
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It's never happened until I used the clay litter. I assume that his eyes have remained irritated since then and have yet to fully heal. Thanks for the tips.
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Don't be afraid of hurting him, you probably won't unless you touch his actual eye. He'll feel much better once his eyes are clean, and a few minutes of clean time is worth it. Warm cloth. If it's hard to clean his eyes (especially if you wait and it seems to become hardened) try taking a steamy towel and put it over his face as long as he'll let you. Then wipe it all away. What breed is your cat? I know of persians that have had constant eye "goobers", and eye cleaning has become part of their grooming process.
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