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My Ambassadors

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I just had to share with all of you. Our daughter has a friend from Virginia staying at our place at the moment - someone who doesn't like cats. Well, he's fallen totally in love with Bijou and wants to take him home. Mika is friendly and gentle too, but mostly just wants to play all the time so she doesn't settle down and groove on the lovin' like Bijou does.

Everyone who meets Mika (who is super friendly and loves kids) and Bijou are completely surprised by their temperament/disposition. They all say they thought Siamese were supposed to be nasty and say we must have just gotten lucky with ours. (I'll bet Carolcat will tell you that Tianna also has a wonderful temperament.)

Our little ambassadors have changed a lot of minds and busted some myths about Siamese cats. We're so proud and naturally so totally smitten with them that I wanted to share our experiences.
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How could you not fall in love with Bijou and Mika's big blue eyes??? When I was growing up, our neighbor had three Siamese. Two of them were friendly with everyone.
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That's awesome Linda! Your ambassadors are doing a fine job!
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I love it when someone is so suprised at how friendly Max is!!

Mika and Bijou are so beautiful and their beauty is more than skin deep!!
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I have the same thing- everyone is very impressed with how friendly Simon.... well to me I guess he's very possessive over his meowmy but I'm sure that if I wasn't around he'd go to whoever was closest for pets and headbutts and full body rub downs
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I agree with Karen, how could you not fall in love with the beautiful babies you have!!! I'm sure they can work a room like no others!!
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I think its a shame that Siamese cats have gotten such a bad reputation. All four of my Siamese are as friendly as any other breed of cat. Having been owned by Siamese For 30 plus years. I can say I have never had one be mean or standoffish. There just like any other breed and each has their own personalities. But the rep for being more vocal than other breeds I do find is true.
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I think the move "Lady and the Tramp" did nothing for their reps... We are Siamese if you please!
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Yay for Meezers!

Well, my Cassi is an acting ambassador.
She's not Siamese, doesn't even resemble one aside from being pointed, but most don't know better.
They think she is, and they think that she's just the happiest, most lovey cat ever and that's fine with me.

Who could not love the beautiful Bijou and Mika though?
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How can anyone not fall in love with your Siamese anyway??
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Originally Posted by gardenandcats
There just like any other breed and each has their own personalities. But the rep for being more vocal than other breeds I do find is true.
Bijou definitely "talks" to John because he knows John is the only one who will let him outside. He will sit on the table by the patio doors and look straight at John and do his Siamese yowls and strange noises as though he were actually asking to go out. He only really "talks" to John. When he wants me, he'll jump up and try to get on my chest (all 16+ lbs of him) and lick my neck and cuddle.

Mika has a voice defect and really doesn't have any voice except for a little "huff" sound which she uses to good effect and is just so special to hear. She'll stand by the sink on the mat and if my back is turned to her she'll "huff" to let me know she wants treats. Bijou just stands up on my thigh when he wants treats.

Yes, we are blessed.
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I've never heard that Siamese were supposed to be standoffish. We've had a few "Appleheads" over the years, and they seemed to be friendlier than other cats - definitely the "Beagles of the cat world"!
I believe Bijou and Mika could enchant anyone!
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Same here. I had no idea Siamese were thought of as less friendly than other breeds. In my part of the world, Persians and Siamese are the top popular cats.
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Bijou and Mika's beautiful blue eyes are hypnotic.
How could anyone resist them. :
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Hmm, I hadn't heard that they were supposed to be unfriendly either. I always thought they were more social because you hear about people taking them outside on a leash.
Mika & Bijou are too beautiful to resist! They're bound to be great ambassadors for their breed.
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My mother did know a few not so nice siamise kitties growing up. They belonged to a friend of hers. But I think the reason they were that way had to do with their owners, not the breed itself. The family was well....interesting!
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My mother's Siamese were not very nice cats except to her, but then again, they weren't really socialized, they were fairly typical farm cats with the exception of carrying pedigrees.

The Meezer that raised me was only socialable with family, though she was not unfriendly, just wary of 'outsiders'.
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I think cats in general get a dicey least that's what I've sort of come to realize doing rescue. I think we are ALL incredibly blessed to have such fine ambassadors on this site
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Anyone who could not fall in love with Bijou & Mika has a heart that's two sizes too small!
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You know, hearing about all of your sweet babies and the precious little things they do that make them each so very unique (like Mika's little huffing noise), makes me feel like I partially already know your cats, and I wish I could meet them for real! I love everybody's babies!!
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From what I see here, there are many, many ambassadors on this site and I wish they could all meet.
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thats great that they are saving the reputation of the kitties. Why do people think that they are so mean?
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